IRI Preview Show - Tuesday 8:30pm ET - Locks, Dark Horses, Predictions & Debates

Who is your favorite to win IRI? Join us tonight starting at 8:30pm eastern to break down this incredible event with our locks, dark horses, predictions and debates at


We can’t wait to head up to Indiana soon for the event that is undoubtedly one of our favorites every year, so much so that we decided to create a video looking back at our performances over the past 6 years at the worlds toughest event, feel free to check it out!


Sorry I missed this. Is there a summary? Or should I just watch it in syndication?

Not sure what you mean. The show is tonight. Are you asking about the fantasy draft last night?

Yep, that was it. I missed that this is a new thread. What I was looking for is well covered in the old one.

About to start the IRI preview show! Come join us at

Thanks to everyone who tuned in last night for the IRI Preview show!

Here are the archived segments on Youtube!

Lack of Rule Changes at 2019 IRI
2019 IRI Locks
2019 IRI Dark Horses
2019 IRI Winning Predictions
What we love most about IRI and IRI Charity Auction

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