IRI Quilt - T-Shirt Collection at CHP

We will be collecting team t-shirts for use in the IRI Charity Quilt again this year. There will be a box in our pit for you to drop them off. Any size is fine.

If you are not going to St. Louis and you want to donate a shirt, you can send them to us at the address below.

Thanks for all who donate. This makes for a very colorful and awesome quilt that usually raises about $500 in the auction.

Mail shirts to:

Chris Fultz
363 Bennington Road
Indianapolis, IN 46227

We received some shirts at STL, but need more to make a full colorful quilt.

If you have a shirt to include - please mail it to me.

Would a blue shirt help? I know the color is common in FIRST so you might be oversaturated, but if not I’d be happy to send a 2791 shirt.