IRI Quilt T-Shirt Collection at CHP

234 will be collecting team t-shirts for the 2009 IRI Quit(s) during the Championship.

Collected shirts are made into a large quilt that is auctioned off during the IRI Charity Auction - usually selling for $500 or more. We are working to have 2 quilts made this year because we always have more shirts donated than we can use.

Stop by the pit - we will have a box or tub labeled for the shirts. Any size works.

And thanks in advance to everyone who donates - the quilts are awesome with all of the great designs and colors.


I’ll order up a new “Bomb Squad” shirt tomorrow. I guess I need to tell all the people who want one of our blue shirts that they need to bid on the IRI quilt. We are not allowed to hand out or trade shirts. The IRI quilt (or joining our team:) ) is the only way to get one!

See you in Atlanta - M

Chris- 1923’s in. I’ll drop a shirt off when I can. Our second round of extra ordering comes in next week, and I know we have more than we need. :slight_smile: I’ve always admired the IRI quilts.

I didn’t know about the IRI shirt quilt till I read this thread. However, my girlfriend did steal a bunch of my old FIRST shirts and quilted them this summer. Super comfy, AND allowed me to turn down my thermostat a few degrees, to her dismay :frowning: .

FIRST T-shirt quilts are the win!

Could you please put up a mailing adress,might not make it to Atlanta. Thanks

someone will definitely be by with a 45 shirt

We will surely bring an extra Dawgma shirt with us for you guys!

see ya there.

If you won’t be in Atlanta - you can mail a shirt to:

Chris Fultz
363 Bennington Road
Indianapolis, IN 46227

Hey Chris

Would you want a FIRST Safety t-shirt for the quilt? If so, I can get you one.

Hi, Chris:

I’m packing shirts from my teams 668, 972, 2643; CalGames, and FTC 2009 - see you in a couple days!


We have a Skunkworks shirt coming for the quilt.
I will bring it to your pit