IRI - Registration, Plans, Changes for 2010

Here is an IRI 2010 Update.

Some things will stay the same, some will be similar, some will be much different.

IRI - 2010
July 16 & 17
Lawrence North High School

Entry Fee - $500 + a Filled Backpack

3 May - Applications Open -
3 May - Volunteer Sign Up Opens
9 May - Applications Close - 6 PM
10 May - Team Selections Announced
24 May - Full Payment Due
25 May - Waiting List Opens

Changes from FIRST Breakaway

  • None at this time (well, at least none to post)

What will be consistent with the 2009 IRI?
72 Teams (Application and selction process same as past years)
One Field
Backpacks for 2nd Graders
Charity Auction
Team Dinner
Talent Show
Mentor of the Year
Volunteer of the Year
Winner Trophies
Cool T-Shirts to Purchase
Supplier Displays
Basic Schedule
4 Team Alliances

Changes from 2009 IRI *
More VIP Activities
More New / Forming Team Activities
Scholarships, Volunteer and Mentor Awards during Saturday Morning Opening Ceremony
No Closing Awards Ceremony Except for Winners and Runner-Ups
No Judges or Judged Awards

  • We want to be able to recognize the mentors and students who receive special awards and scholarships
    By announcing these during Saturday morning these individuals can be congratulated during the day Saturday.
  • Many teams bring a small crew and are not able to have people in the pits for judges - this allows students to mingle and relax.
  • The awards ceremony gets pretty long, when teams are ready to head home after along weekend.
  • We will put more focus into VIP activities (lunch, tour guides, etc.) to introduce more new people to FIRST.
  • After the finals, the winning and runner up alliances will be awarded their trophies, and we will have a very short closing ceremony.

What seeding system will you be using? The one that they used this year or the old win loss system.

we don’t have detials yet, but a system that really encourages winning the match and scoring by both alliances.

Well, although I’m very sad that I won’t be able to talk with the teams during judging interviews and goodness knows - what an amazing experience that always is - I’m very glad that I’ll be able to hang out with the teams and make some noise!

Can’t wait!


24 May - Full Payment Due

I’m assuming the filled backpack can wait until the actual event?

I’m already excited for IRI. 2791 and 1714 are both applying. One’s a bit more likely to get in than the other, but I’m hoping for both.

Perhaps, if you created your own version of the seeding point system and showed how well it worked the GDC would consider it for next years game. If you want to change the seeding system this would be the perfect opportunity to try something new.

I was wondering if the elevated and suspended points will be increased. I think that’s one thing the GDC missed. It was just as easy to score a couple balls and not hang for some teams. Maybe the teams that have weight to spare will build something for IRI. If we don’t get in, I know I’ll be watching the webcast.:smiley:

Speaking of webcasts, will there be one this year? If yes ,maybe they could do the talent show too.

How about auton scoring bonus. Could make it easy or interesting:

Option 1: 2 points per auton score
Option 2: 1 bonus point per n auton scores ( if option 1 is too high)
Option 3: Higher auton score gets a bonus (like the opponents auton score added?)

Any other ideas ?

I think winning autonomous is already a huge advantage, especially considering how many regionals were won by starving the back zone.

I can’t really think of any changes the game really needs that would make sense. Making suspension a 5 point endeavor would have been cool, but it’s too late for that change to do anything other than reward specializing in the wrong task during the regular season.

what’s the address for the school?

7802 Hague Road
Indianapolis, IN 46256

Lawrence North High School
7802 Hague Road
Indianapolis, IN 46256

edit: Allison’s faster.

Is it just July 15 and 16? Because the technokats website lists it as the 15, 16, and 17?

Setup is on the 15th. The competition takes place on the 16th and 17th of July.

Whether 2791 is invited or not (I will be there either way), I am assuming that any help offered to set up will be accepted?

Sorry, I’m a little confused, do teams need to be there on the 15th or the 16th?

Will the information for the application be the same as last year?

Team 2062 will be applying. It would be our first time at the event.

Yes, definitely. There will be a way for volunteers to send an email on the same site as registration. Thank you for your willingness to help.

Most teams show up during the morning of the 16th. Some show up on the evening of the 15th, just to put stuff in their pit. Matches will start at 11:00am. We do have a few practice matches between 9-11:00, first come, first serve.

The reason why the TechnoKats have this listed as the 15th, 16th, and 17th is because many of the team members spend all day on the 15th setting up for the event on the 16th and 17th, as they assist with running the event.