IRI - Results and Congratulations

**Congratulations and Thank You for making the 2012 IRI a great event. **

All of the teams, volunteers and visitors made for another great weekend of robotics.

DSATK took some of the edge off of the weekend, and Paul C played a little, if you were paying attention.

Sean Bott, the mentalist who performed on Friday night was awesome. (He probably knew i was going to write that.)

Congratulations to the winners of the 2012 IRI. Remember, you receive and automatic, paid entry to the 2013 IRI if you choose to apply.
Congrats to 2826, 1114, 4334 & 245

Also congrats to the Runner Up alliance. What a great battle to the end.
*And, did you notice that alliance “6” team number digits all add up to “6”.
1023 = 1+0+2+3=6, 3+3, 5+1, 3+3+0. Pretty cool. :]
**Charity Action - **

We collected over $3600 from the Charity Auction and this will be shared with three local charities (one in Kokomo, one near Lawrence, one near Perry Meridian).

We collected about 104 backbacks. These will go to very deserving students in one of the school districts near Rolls-Royce. Our total for backpacks is now over 850!

Congratulations to the IRI Scholarship Winners -
Counting 2012, we have awarded over $66,000 in college scholarships.

■ Allison Transmission ($2,000) – Kaitlin Lostroscio, FIRST Team 233
■ Rolls-Royce ($2,000) – Jason Law, FIRST Team 2834
■ AndyMark ($2,000) – Dakota Ewigman, FIRST Team 1730
■ Techpoint Foundation for Youth ($2,000) – Sarah Littel, FIRST Team 1024
■ Interactive Intelligence Foundation ($2,500) – Loren Christley-Kruer, FIRST Team 1024
■ Inovation FIRST / Vex ($2,000) – Taylor Nicholson, FIRST Team 1114
■ IRI / IRI Teams ($2,000) - Joshua Adkins, FIRST Team 3138

And our three special awards -

■ Volunteer of the Year – Alan Anderson, FIRST Team 45
■ FIRST Foundations Award – Laura Dodds, Techpoint Foundation for Youth
■ Mentor of the Year – Brandon Holley, FIRST Team 125

Here are your 2012 Indiana Robotics Invitational Elimination Alliances:

1.341, 2056, 148, 2168
2.624, 118, 2949, 1714
3.68, 469, 125, 1676
4.3322, 67, 111, 217
5.2826, 1114, 4334, 245
6.1023, 33, 51, 330
7.2590, 973, 548, 1538
8.16, 359, 233, 2843

It was very cool to see Brandon receive mentor of the year, from one 11 alumni to another, congratulations man!

This was one of the most exciting IRI events yet. There were so many great alliances and matches!

Congratulations to 2826, 1114, 4334 & 245 for winning the 2012 IRI!

On behalf of Team 341, I just wanted to thank Teams 234, 45, 1024, Chris Fultz, Andy Baker, and all of the volunteers for another great event. Our kids had a blast!
Congratulations to 2826, 1114, 4334, and 245 for taking the crown.
You truly earned the victory.
I also wanted to thank our alliance partners 2056, 148, and 2168 for playing with us. We worked so well together under tremendous pressure.

Best wishes to everyone involved with IRI. A great event made even better by the teams that play here.

I just wanted to say that last Saturday my 7-year-old son screamed with excitement when I told him over the phone that “Daisy just picked us for their alliance!” I think I screamed too when it happened (I’m not sure 'coz I passed out).

The experience of being there was worth the 2 days of driving; but to be picked, even as backup, meant everything to our team. Thanks Daisy, and Thanks OP, for giving us that opportunity to be part of it.

Congratulations again to Brandon. I’m glad our teams get along, otherwise the bus ride would’ve seemed even longer. I hope we represented New England well.

Thanks and appreciation to all the mentors and coaches that talked with me; I got some invaluable information and plenty of ideas that will keep this team on the upward trend.

Congratulations to the champion alliance; no one could be sorry to see you guys win.

And a final thanks to Chris and the rest of the crew that put together the most amazing robotics competition on the continent.

I think I was just as happy as you were.

has anyone found the Mario song they played on YouTube? i would like the link if so. Thanks!

Well this is quite a bit later than I hoped, but it turns out that editing 3500 non-blurry photos is much harder than editing 4,000 (Battlecry) photos of which half are blurry!

Anyways, I may end up using Lightroom or something to do some better editing, but for now, all are sorted, picked through, and cropped. I tried to make sure I posted at least one (often multiple) of every team, and there are plenty of volunteers & the event itself. I also have plenty of photos that I didn’t post, so if you are looking for more of your team, just let me know, and I can try and dig them out.

Here is the Event Set:

And the “Robots” Set:

(P.S. the main reason for most of these photos was to get good shots of many of the amazing mechanisms & designs!!)

As always, feel free to use/link as desired - photo credit appreciated :slight_smile:

P.S. - Congrats to all of the teams there… and amazing job by the committee & volunteers, and special thanks to the NE Contingent (125 & 2168) for letting me tag along! I had an absolute blast at my FIRST IRI :slight_smile:

thanks for providing these pics.
We werent able to take our own this year, other than the random iPhone pics.

I dont think I ever met or saw you there…only on CD often.