IRI results

Finalists: 330, 980, 56

Winners: 33, 233, 868

Unfortunately a two year reign of California as IRI champs was not to be.

Congratulations to the winning teams, and everyone else :slight_smile:

Congrats to the winners and everyone for doing such a great job.

It was fun watching you all battle it out of course. Great job and congrats again.

Could someone put up all the award winners when they get them. The feed ‘died’ before the award ceremonies. It would also be cool to see how much everything at the silent auction sold for too.

Congrats to The Killer Bees, The Pink Team, and The TechHounds.


also if someone has a bracket from quaters to finals so we know what the alliances were and such that would be awesome :smiley:

  • congats to the pink team + the killer bee’s + the tech hounds…

wow… 3/6 teams are from like far away from the finalists =P 330, 56 + 233… guess IRI is worth the trip =X


**1	330	980	56**	vs.	8	818	111	47
**2	33	233	868**	vs.	7	461	269	68
3	65	217	1305	vs.	**6	910	503	494	**
**4	1114	71	25**	vs.	5	16	447	469	


**1	330	980	56**	vs.	6	910	503	494
**2	33	233	868**	vs.	4	1114	71	25


1	330	980	56	vs.	**2	33	233	868**

bold indicates the winner. Those should be correct.

Congrats to the winning teams and the finalists.

Not a bad start for my brother’s robot operator debut for the Killer Bees! Good job fellas

Congratulations 33, 233, and 868. You had an absolutely amazing alliance and a great strategy.

980 was also from California, making it 4 of the 6 finalists. Maybe they seemed to fit in too much since they won last year.

#1 beat #4 in the semis and #2 beat #6. Otherwise, everything seems to be correct.

no offense to anyone but i find that place has little in common with the quality of robots and i consider good designed robots to be the real winners so… i would like to give a huge congratulations to those with truly good designs and thats what first is really about! :slight_smile:
HEY THIS IS MY 2.5 POST!!! (i guess this is half a post :smiley: )

fun competition and fun finals to watch. Is there somewhere that we can download parts of or all of the webcast??

Thanks for clearing that up… I wasn’t sure if I remembered correctly.

Well, I’m going to give my best shot at remembering who won what. For those awards other than our own I do not recall the “official” title, but here is what I recall:

Team Spirit: - 233 Team Pink
Judge’s Award #1: Rookie of the Year - 1646
Judge’s Award #2: ??? - ???
Most Awesome Drivetrain - 222 Tigertrons
Driving Tomorrow’s Technology - 494 Martians
Outstanding Quality - 469 Las Guerrillas

“I’m so bright I gotta wear shades” recognition: Mike (71), Bharat (25), and a couple more - this was basically recognition of outstanding/noticable/kind/positive/etc. students.

IRI Unsung FIRST Hero: Marian Passmore, Team #233
Robotics and Programming Teacher, and Team Pink mentor since 1998.

IRI Scholarships:
Scholarship #1: Rolls-Royce: ???
Scholarship #2: Allison Transmissions - Greg McCoy, 45
Scholarship #3: AndyMark: ???
Scholarship #4: IFI - Lisa Perez, 573

I’m apologize for the limited information; this is all that I have off the top of my head. (man, it was a looooong drive back from indie)

On a cultural note, Paul Copioli had a difficult time understanding the culture of Arkansas, and why the Bomb Squad (#16) sat during the wave, and then stood when asked to sit. And of course, as the announcer, he had a great deal of bias favoring the “house” alliance: 33, 233, 868. And we all knew it.
To Paul Copioli- Thanks for all the humor and liveliness!

IRI was absolutely awesome and I know my team and I had a great time. Congrats to the “house” alliance, the finalists, and award/scholarship recipients!


I have will have the complete list of Vex awards, auction results, FRC Awards and scholarships posted on within the next few days or so.

Keep checking over there as they will be posted as they roll into me.

The Scholarship winners are as follows:

Allison Transmission: Brant Bowen, Team 234
Rolls-Royce: Greg McCoy, Team 45
AndyMark: Emily Jones, Team 234
IFI: Lisa Perez, Team 573

Also the Volunteer of the Year award went to Steve Wherry from Team 234 has been updated with the awards and scholarships that have been turned into me so far:

At IRI, Team 1501 received the Imagery and Design Award for our monocoque designed robot.
Also Team 1501 was in the three alliances that posted the three highest scores. (95, 105 and 121 points :ahh: )

I’m proud of our team

Wayne Doenges
Lemmings non Sumus

Alll these awards are well and great, what about the talent show?

A kid from 393 won it by playing his guitar…I forget his name though.


He was awesome.

How could you forget Dave from Motown??? :smiley: