IRI Robot Transportation

Team 1155 has been invited to IRI for the first time, and we would like to know how teams usually transport their robots to and from the competition. Do most teams ship their robots like they do to regular season competitions or do they use other means?

I know the West Coast teams usually ship them in. We’ve always driven the bot down in someone’s truck, but this year we finally have a trailer so it’ll be going down in that… attached to someone’s truck.

It’s up to your team.

Usually teams are expected to provide transportation to off-season events. Try to talk to teams around you and see if they have some extra room or if they want to split the cost of a trailer/u-haul.

Generally, you make your own arrangements. As Herodotus said, many West Coast teams ship theirs, like it’s a regional.

One note: Make sure that the robot is well–covered. Like, something that can keep rain OUT! A team once had their robot covered, but the cover leaked in a rainstorm, and they had to dry out their robot. Wasn’t us… We had the unenviable experience of showing up with batteries that couldn’t power the robot due to them getting lots of heat en route, some years before. (Before backup batteries…led to some fun with the control system.)

We usually bring it down in our trailer. This year, we finished our new and larger trailer, as well. We’ll probably be bringing some of 1114’s stuff as well. It’s a great way to save money if you have the resources to do so.


Thanks for the replies everyone, we’ll probably ship it like it were a regional. Now we just need to get that check in…