IRI Rule Changes for 2011

*Thank you to everyone for the ideas and comments in the "Proposed’ thread. *

Below are the rule changes planned for 2011 IRI. Our goal is to tweek the rules a little, not to make wholesale changes to the game. We think these adjustments add something to gameplay and can create more excitement for end-game strategies. Specifics will be outlined at the event and as always, the head ref has the final decision.

Changes -

Uber Tubes -
Uber tubes can also be scored in the tele-operated period.
They will only be worth points if they are scored in autonomous.
They will be doublers if scored in autonomous or teleoperated.

Other Tubes -
Tube values for the bottom row are increased from 1 point to 2 points.
Uber tube values for the bottom row are increased from 2 points to 4 points.

Deployment time rules apply (i.e. last 10 seconds).
1st Place - 20 points
2nd place - 20 points
3rd place - 15 points
4th place - 15 points

There will be a relaxation of the lane violation rules that will allow minor excursions into the lane. If there is opponent robot or tube contact a penalty will still be called.

There may be a relaxation of the 18" plane rule for mini-bot deployment mechanisms (but not to the requirement to deploy below the line). More details to be provided.

Awesome rule changes. I can’t wait to see how dramatically the game changes as a result of these rules.

If we apply all of these rule changes, what does the possible high score come out to be?

It’s 4 less than what the max used to be. You lose 10 from the minibot races, and gain 6 from the bottom row.
With the GDC max score being 158, that puts the IRI max score at 154.
Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

But there are 2 bottom rows so the max score actually becomes 160.

More ubertubes! :smiley:

It’s actually 160, if doubled, the increase is 12

It’s actually 160, if doubled, the increase is 12

There are still only 3 UberTubes.

Anyway, these are wonderful changes. Thanks IRI!

Actually, there are 6 …

That will be very interesting! I’d love to see 233, 1114, and 1503 doing a 6 ubertube.

Can’t/Won’t happen.

There are 6 Ubertubes on the field, 3 for each Alliance. One alliance could, in theory score all 6 if the other alliance were to drop all of their ubertubes - but those would probably be score in teleop.

First, I think these changes are great, and i like the balance of minibots! How the game changes will be interesting to watch! Second, my friend and I got 189 somehow. 18 for auto, 72 for top row (if 6 ubers are used), 24 for middle and 24 for bottom and 40 for minibots, which now comes out to 178. Im not exactly sure though.

Regardless, I look forward to attending!

Sorry I miss read that!

I’m really happy with these rules. Especially the modified minibot scores, because now my team won’t have to spend all of June designing a ramp deployment system. I also like the modified ubertube scoring. It should add an interesting element to the game.
I can’t wait to see how the game plays out!

Awesome changes. Thanks for giving me back my July which would have otherwise been spent building deployment ramps!

Does ubertube have to be BEHIND tube to be a doubler or could it be placed overtop of a tube already hung? Not sure this will even be an issue as I would think that the number 1 priority will be to make sure your 3 ubertubes are scored so you don’t lose them, making it unlikely that any other tubes will be hung yet.

It definitely could be if there is tube starvation going on. Saving it until you are sure that you’ll have the logo completed might be good. This of course only really applies to teams that won’t score them during autonomous.


Do it for science! Even if minibot race positions have been lowered in their valuability in the game its still cool finishing #1 :stuck_out_tongue:

Thank you for maximizing our practice time instead of reducing it by fixing the race point values. These rule changes are awesome, it will actually make Logomotion a lot more fun to play.

stands up and applauds and cheers


The rule changes that end up not working well are the ones that were thought of by Chris Fultz, Jeff Smith, and Stu Bloom. Heh. Just kiddin’.

Seriously, the credit for these rule changes go to the CD posters who gave great input in this thread. We just listened.

Andy B.