iri schedule

anyone know the schedule of events for IRI?

Keep an eye on this page:

Thiskind of tells you a rough outline of it all.

i was hoping to have at least a rough idea of ending times, because i’m planning to go to ohio afterwards and need to know what time I need to be picked up. also when the last matches are to see if my family can get there in time to watch some

Actually, all IRI information this year is at


I forget… On the MENTOR only round, we can pick that any time correct?

Like we could even wait until Saturday morning to do that right?


No. I am pretty sure that the mentor rounds will all take place as the last rounds of the day on Friday. Teams can’t pick when these take place, since the rounds are designed to have mentors vs. mentors.


I think he was refferring to the selection of who will drive, which is a question that I have also…

In the past 2 years it has been mentors of the ages 21+, who were not former FIRST drivers.