IRI Scholarships

Reminder to all 2005 Graduates whose teams are attending IRI!

There will be multiple scholarships awarded as part of the 2005 IRI.
Check out the white papers and application forms here on CD or at the IndianaFIRST web site.

Three scholarships are $1000 each and sponsored by:

Allison Transmission
Rolls-Royce Corporation

These are for Indiana students or students attending an Indiana college.

There is also a NEW scholarship just announced today!

Innovation FIRST is sponsoring a $1000 scholarship. This scholarship is open to ANY 2005 Graduate attending any college. The applicants team must be attending IRI. Use the same application forms and instructions for the other scholarships.

Thanks to all four of our scholarship sponsors!

Scholarships? Free money? I can’t believe people aren’t clawing at the chance!

Indiana kids - $3000 is a nice hunk of tuition money. And all teams can apply for the IFI scholarship… $1000 isn’t too shabby! I see that the whitepaper has been downloaded over 30 times… how many of you have filled it out and handed it in?

I’ll again offer to read the essay portion of your scholarships and edit before you have to turn it in. I have edited for WFA winner’s essays, Chairman’s Award essays, and in 2004 I had edited the winner of one of the IRI Scholarships. Don’t be a goof - run your essay by someone else first, to catch all of the little mistakes. PM me, and I will send you my email address. I will have your essay back within 48 hours.

Students, apply for these! It only takes a bit of your time for a great reward!


It sure didn’t hurt me. :wink:

(I won the ‘only’ IRI scholarship last year)

I’m always amazed how few people apply for scholarships. I would have done more while I was in high school if I realized how easy it is to get a lot of money.

I’ve forwarded this info to 116 email list. How about a scholarship for college mentors next year?


If my team were entered in the competition I’d sure sign up for the Innovation FIRST scholarship… but I’ll just be there with a friend… No scholarships for FIRST 05 grads attending IRI from out of state without there team is there? :smiley:

Innovation First is VERY excited to play even a small part in this wonderful event. Hopefully there will be many applicants for our new scholarship.

I hope everyone eligible takes the time to apply. We are all eager to see what kind of response there is.


That is great!
Hopefully many more mentors will also help to share these incredible opportunities with their students.

More applicants means more scholarships for next year.

IndianaFIRST has just added forms to the website for submitting IRI scholarship applications, and for adult mentors to submit recommendations for students.

Remember once you submit your application you must have 2 adult mentors also submit recommendations for you.

To access the forms and to also get more information about scholarships please visit this site: