IRI - Shirt Trade?

I thought we needed a thread for shirt exchanges!

Team 399 has 4 shirts up for trade.

We are looking for shirts from:

If you would like to trade, stop by our pit! This list doesn’t mean we aren’t interested in other team shirts! :smiley:

Make your interests and offers known here.

1538 is bringing a bunch of shirts, and would be willing to trade.

I’ve got a 2338 shirt to trade for this event as well. I would really like a 1114 shirt, but I’m not too picky. Its a medium. If anybody is interested, shoot me a PM.

I made sure to pack a few 1676 shirts of varying sizes to trade :wink:

I’m not sure how many extra shirts we had made, but stop by our pit or find me and I’ll convince one of our kids trade the shirt off their backs.

I think I have 3 or so 781 shirts. Not sure what size, probably medium or large. I am looking for the following teams: any team between 1 and 4500ish

I’m gonna want one of those!

Yes we have shirts!

I won’t be their but I think I can get someone on my team to trade for me so pm me if u want to trade for a 1676 shirt

I will have one shirt to trade, a medium. If anybody’s interested in trading shirts, pm me!

I have an original Wave Robotics t shirt size medium up for trade, From our rookie season!

1023 will have some shirts, but I think most are xl and xxl.