IRI - Silent Auction - !

Well, it just keeps getting better – :slight_smile:

The 2005 IRI will include a “Silent Auction” of FIRST related and other great items. All proceeds from the auction will be donated to the Methodist Adolescent Child Life Center, in honor of Taylor Ritchie and the great staff of doctors and nurses that helped care for her this spring. Proceeds will support part of the Child Life Center that provides games, activities and materials in a play room for young patients and their families. This charity is the choice of Scott and Libby Ritchie.

Some of the items being offered:

Team 67 World Champions & Chairman’s Award hat (Dave Verbrugge)
Team 67 black jacket with “HOT” flames - XL (Dave Verbrugge)
1995 Rumble at the Rock t-shirt (Mike Bastoni)
1997 Rumble at the Rock Crew t-shirt (rare - Mike Bastoni)
1994 Team Yearbook, provided by Xerox (Dave Kelso)
“Judge” shirt is from the 1997 competition (Vince Wilczynski)
Signed print of a Ron Spellman framed cartoon (Vince Wilczynski)
<edit - more info below>
Signed Dean Simmons and the Kamens Brothers t-shirt
(Baker, Martus, Hibner, Pacsai, Sheck)
6" AndyMark “trick wheel” mounted on a plaque (Baker, Koors)
2 Brickyard 400 tickets with Police Escort in (Rolls-Royce, Fultz, McAtee)

Terms will be cash or check only, immediately after the auction closes. We will not be able to accept credit cards or IOU’s so bring your checkbook or a roll of cash and get ready to bid on this awesome collection!

What are the details of this? A police escort?

Haven’t you ever had a police escort anywhere, Q (Other then getting arrested? :p)

Basically when you drive to the Brickyard, the Police will drive in front of you and clear traffic out of the way so you don’t have to sit in a traffic jam.

Pretty awesome item if you ask me.

A parent with ties to FIRST has offered it as a donation. Anybody who wants it will have to out-bid me. :slight_smile:

To those who are interested. I’ve been in one of these escorts by these same officers. Amazing. It’s such a rush. You wouldn’t think so, but you feel so special getting to make everyone else pull over and let you by. Driving through red lights is the best part. It’s well worth a high bid.

Hey guys, just a heads up…that 1995 Rumble shirt must be an extremely rare and valuable item, considering Rumble at the Rock did not exsist until 1996!

-Andy Grady

The 1994 FIRST Yearbook will also have some signatures. It is making its way through DEKA now so that it can have signatures of those that worked at the event back then (and are still around). It may be hard to get it back from DEKA because the staff members never got a copy or saw one before.

Anyone who was on a team in 1994 will have a chance to sign the book at IRI before the auction starts.

More items:

8x10 color photo of Woodie Flowers, autographed (Woodie)
Team 500 white hat (V.Wilczynski)
2 FIRST Hats (by Glow Dog, V.Wilczynski)
1997 FIRST Judge shirt, blue, long sleeved (V.Wilczynski)
Whalers, team 124 shirts (1997 & 2001, V.Wilczynski)
1999 FIRST Crew shirt (V.Wilczynski)

Grady… thanks for the heads up on the '95 Rumble shirt. The ones here are from '96 and '97, thanks to Bastoni.

Andy B.

And… the best thing yet:

A 3ft. x 1ft. framed print of an upcoming comic stip to be published in ASME magazine, signed by the artist and the co-author (Ron Speelman & Vince Wilczynski)

This is a VERY COOL item, and the people who see it at IRI will have a sneak peek of the upcoming subject for this cartoon series: ASME Comic Series by Ron Speelman

Thanks to Vince for providing this item and more.

Andy B.

Here are some items graciously donated from Sue Godez and team 128:

1 new copy - AutoCAD LT 2005

1 handcrafted jewelry set - necklace, bracelet, earrings - made of lampworked beads, Bali silver, Venetian glass beads, Swarovski crystals, japanese seed beads and japanese glass beads with Thai sterling silver clasps and ear wires (color - black with blue and white accents)

3 robot necklaces - sterling silver with Swarovski crystal bodies - each have a different crystal body - one is sapphire, one is capri blue and one is emerald

Thanks to Sue and the Botcats!



We raised $2,000 for the Methodist Childrens Hospital Child Life Center.

Thank you to everyone who bid and purchased items forom the auction.
There were items that sold for $10 all the way to $500 for the IRI quilt!

The proceeds will go to an excellent cause and help may the hospital stay for many young patients a little but better.

Thanks again to everyone.

Me thinks the IRI has another tradition! :slight_smile:

I wish I would have had more time to look at the items, I will definitely look at 'em more then I did this year.

Maybe, we can find something else like the Woodie autograph around the shop for next year. :slight_smile: