IRI - Silent Auction

Here are some of the items offered in the IRI SIlent Auction.
Bring your cash - all of the money goes to two charities -
Julian Center for Women and the Boys & Girls Clubs of Kokomo.

1 pair Ariat Boots, size 9 Mens
(can trade for another size)

1 pair of Brickyard 400 Tickets

1 FIRST Rock (this is totally cool)

FIRST Team Shirt Quilt

Autographed “FIRST, Behind the Design” book

FIRST HQ Autographed Game Ball from 2006

FIRST CREW Shirt (2 shirts)

Kitchen Set - Texas Style Tub (or bucket, depending on where you are from :slight_smile: )

FIRST Logo Stained Glass

IRI Celebrity Signed Chair

Custom Made Team Flag

I signed a shirt in Atlanta at the CD webhug that I believe was for IRI. What happened to that? Is that for something else, not the auction?

I believe that 45 is still putting in 3 “Saturday shirts” aka the collared shirts.

The Kokomo charity is Big Brothers / Big Sisters of North Central Indiana, not Boys and Girls Club.


6-7 items signed by Dean Kamen will be available for bid.

A few AndyMark items will be available.

Andy B.


I have the web hug shirt also.
I put it aside for ‘safekeeping’ and almost forgot.

Thanks for the reminder!

Ooops, another mistake like that and I could get replaced…

Either way, the donation would have been for a great cause! And I think you’ll have to try a lot harder than that to get yourself replaced. A lot harder…:rolleyes:

yup, a bucket load -

That would be Koko Ed’s contribution - I hope he got the OK to attend…

intelitek is proud to donate 30 copies of the Robotics Engineering Curriculum Semester 1 and 30 copies of easyC V2.0 for Vex. This package normally runs for $1300 - it’s a great deal going to a great cause!