IRI Stats

I ran some queries on my FRC 2016 Database for all the teams attending IRI this year. Below is a google doc containing the average OPR of each team attending IRI over all the events they attended this year. The list is ranked in average OPR, highest to lowest.

The top 5 teams (in terms of OPR) appear to be:

  1. 2056 OP ROBOTICS (71.4)
  2. 118 ROBONAUTS (65.5)
  3. 133 B.E.R.T. (61.1)
  4. 3620 AVERAGE JOES (58.9)
  5. 195 CYBERKNIGHTS, 1241 THEORY 6 (58.7)

It’ll be interesting to see how this plays out in the actual competition.

Cool list, thank you for sharing!

In case anyone was wondering about max OPR, I’ve attached my own numbers for the maximum OPR each team at IRI has attained over the season, including offseasons where OPR has been computed.

The top five:

1) 195, 84.3942577083
2) 2056, 77.1585963709
3) 118, 75.144062294
4) 179, 70.7212156706
5) 3620, 70.3956657812

Full list, in CSV format. (Now including TRI)

Hi Brian! Could you correct/edit your spreadsheet to reflect our true highest OPR?

TRI (Texas Robot Invitational) - 3481 Bronc Botz OPR = 60.63

That should put us at #14 Highest OPR at IRI.


–Michael Blake

Hi Michael. My bad, I haven’t ran the computation since before TRI. An update is on its way.

Hi Jaci!

Are you including off-season OPR numbers from off-season competitions reporting to ?


–Michael Blake

Offseason events haven’t been included as it’s using the same database present in my 2016 data dump, but it does include all official events as it was compiled after champs.

My list has been updated and my previous post has been edited to include it.

Jaci… would you consider adding-in the reportable off-season events covered by to reflect more accurately teams like 3481 who have kept working and iterating and practicing since CHAMPS?

There’s a handful of teams that I personally know who are competing at IRI that are at another level since CHAMPS.

–Michael Blake

Here you go

THANK YOU Brian and Jaci for making the adjustments!!

–Michael Blake

As part of a project I’m working on, I applied the TrueSkill rating system to FRC data this year, here is some data showcasing it for teams at IRI:

This does not include any offseasons. They are not reliable enough data sources for this type of model. The initial rating is 1500.

If I’m missing a team, let me know.