IRI T-shirt trading thread

Now that there is finally an approved list of teams going to IRI, I thought it would be fun to start a t-shirt trading forum. I have a few 1529 t-shirts to trade.
Interested in teams: 16, 33, 1011 and 3538. But I’m willing to trade with anyone. PM me if you are interested

If anyone is interested in an 1806 t-shirt feel free to pm me! I wear a large and can return any size.

179 is always available

If anyone is interested in a 910 shirt, feel free to message me. I wear a XXL, but I can get any size in return. I’m open to any trades, just let me know and I’d love to work something out!

For those unfamiliar with us, here are what the shirts look like:

I’ll be bringing some Large and XL 133 Shirts. I’d really love a 1114, 20, 118, 610, 195, 341, 330, or 1058 Shirt, but I’d be happy to hear trades from anyone.

Can anyone from 3551 spare a medium?

Looking to expand my t-shirt collection beyond blue and yellow.

I wear XL but can return any size. PM if interested.

I have some 3620 Average Joes t-shirts, XL. I am looking to trade two or three. Message if ya wants dibs.

I am interested in trading with anyone. I am very very interested in a 233 shirt. Anyone on 233 willing to trade?

Please please please. Looking for a team 16 Bomb Squad shirt.

Figured id bump this thread as we are getting closer to IRI.

I actually managed to convince my parents to let me go as a Strategically placed college visit.

Sadly, I do not have many of our shirts to trade as I have managed to trade away all of our smalls and most of our mediums. I have a couple of Medium shirts left so PM me if you want one.

I also have an extra size small 2056 Streak shirt although, I am going to be a little picky about who I trade that one to.

I have a white 610 shirt size small which I would trade as well as a bunch of 2016 volunteer shirts from champs which apparently is something people will trade for.

I have a few other teams but I do not think I would be willing to trade for them.

See everyone there! - Sam

FYI, they were selling them online a few weeks back.

I have 1 L 3467 tee for trade. Looking for any notable teams in recent memory. PM if interested, looking to trade for any L.

I will have access to some extra 1257 shirts in various sizes. PM me if you would like to trade, I’m looking for L. Unfortunately, I don’t have any spare 2791 shirts.

This is what they look like.

I have a couple Small 4967 That ONE Team shirts that i’m willing to trade. In return though, I wear a medium. Message me if you’re interested.
I could probably get other sizes, but not 100% sure.

I am a part of teams 70/494 and interested in a shirt trade at IRI, message me and ill send you what im willing to trade and hopefully we can work something out:)

I have access to some extra 5254 shirts to trade in almost any size. I’m looking for a medium in return. PM me if you’re interested.

This is what they look like:

Does anyone on team 20 or 1640 have a 3x. I’ll give you a shirt of ours in your size or cash. PM me if interested

I’m interested in trading with team 233. I have a medium 1241 hoodie and a small 1241 shirt to trade and I’d like a medium.

Team 20 will have shirts of most sizes in a box in out pit. Stop by if you’re interested, we’d love to trade with any of the teams going!