IRI Talent Show 2005!

That’s right, folks, it’s finally here!

The 2005 IRI Talent Show will feature more celebrity judges, more acts, and a better venue! The Talent Show will now be held in the Lawrence North Auditorium, for your viewing pleasure! Unforseen antics, outstanding acts, and a crew of judges that will keep us laughing the whole way through! Sign up today for your spot, and show us what you’ve got!

More information can be found at the IRI Talent Show Rules and FAQ Page. Register here!

We’ll look forward to seeing you there!
The IRI Committee

I believe at last count there were only 2 acts signed up. I know there’s more talent than that in the Midwest.

It should be better than last year with the auditorium. We should actually be able to hear what’s going on!

hmmm i doubt 56 is gunna have one we have 3 people total going and i dont think any of us have much talent. sorry about that :frowning:

maybe 25 and 56 could team up and show us midwesterners how you jersey folks do it :slight_smile:

I have something in the works, I just need to fine tune a couple of things.

Just curious - is this taking place on Friday or Saturday that weekend? Thanks!

Talent Show is Friday night, after the comp, after dinner, and before DSATK.

Hmmm…Maybe we could make a good rap…

yiha sum of us wildstang students are doing an act i believe…at least i think we are lol

I just hope they don’t force a girl with an injured leg do tumbling again!! So scurry!!! :ahh:

The trombonists from Oconomowoc will be back. Gotta love it.

You would be so lucky :wink:

Funny… her and I were talking about that last night… The only way she is not going to tumble is if I chain her to a chair… Just hope she doesn’t hurt herself again…

The IRI talent show is less than a month away. I can’t wait. What acts are going to entertain us this year?

Will the trombone duo from Oconomowoc be back again?
Has Travis and team 48 lost that performin’ feelin’?
Will Karthik and Derek grace us with their singing talents?
Will Joe and Amy Johnson return for an act?
Can the dancer on team 469 top his performance from last year?
Will there be an act that will gross us all out more than the Danvillian’s “California Water Conservation” act from last year?
Will the sound system catch on fire?
What NEW acts will we see?
Who are the judges going to be?
What prizes will they have to give out?

IRI can’t get here soooon enough!

Andy B.

haha well this time i dont think any1 will be injured…hopefully aha…i will be tumbling then the same girl from last year, tiffany is gunna be tumbling i think with me

He is no longer with us, he’s now a mentor for Team 1504, Spartan Robotics T_T.

I dunno if 469 has anything to show you guys. Our IRI crew is a bunch of shy, talentless hacks. x_X

I’d sign up to play guitar for the talent show…
But theres too many things to get that to work…
Guitar transport
Discoball LEDS Smoke machine fireworks surround sound… the usual

I would like to sign up to sing, but i would make everyone deaf :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

OO… I just have a bad knee… It is ok… I have been training for a few weeks now… Well I have been doing that because I have gymnastics camp… So I will be ready… Hopefully I will not need my knee brace this year! :wink:

If you’re curious about the IRI Talent Show, here’s a few hints:

  • The child of Wink Martindale, Bob Barker, Chuck Barris, Richard Dawson, Bob Eubanks, and Gene Rayburn
  • The Sultan of Swerve, the GM Guru, and the Mars Maniac
  • Tangling Brassworks, selling out to the beat of a different drum
  • Maybe, if you’re lucky, a Vanna or two!

I am extremely excited about the Talent Show, and I hope you are too!