IRI Television Spot

Here is a link one of the airings that WTHR had about IRI. WTHR is one of Indy’s biggest and best known news stations and they even sent out a WTHR celebrity Tim “Treeboy” Bush to cover the event live on Friday morning.

Click here to see clip.

Very nice! Congratulations for the media coverage!

Very nice!

hey did anyone get the matches on camera cause i would like to see if they could put them up so we can download them

Nice! :slight_smile:

What’s also good about it is that the station didn’t edit it out to the point where the common person wouldn’t be able to realize what what it was about. Keeping the part in there about corporate sponsorship and the cost of the comps allows others to see how serious we take this. :smiley:

I think the coverage of the event from this station was excellent (Although I could’t spot our robot :frowning: ). Thank you to Chris Fultz for chipping in that little blurb on sponsorships!


The cameraman owns his own machine shop and makes a lot of stuff, so he was VERY interested, and that is one of the reasons he stayed around so long. :slight_smile:

Very cool, I like how they show the robots competing and how much our events cost.


My dad and I were in one of the very first parts of the clip (on the stands. Look for a black hat)

Anyone at all know how to download it?

I have these two links


The first link shows just the robot segment the second shows all of the news cast with a few extra stuff in the beginning and no commercials.

I still have not figured out a way to download the videos. Windows media nor Real Player will let me save and i haven’t found the video in my Temp Internt Files.

So any ideas?, and yes i know that they probably don’t like it being downloaded i just want it for my own archives.

If you know they don’t like it being downloaded, then why ask how to do it?

That said, if you read the TOS, you would find that it is ok.

To encourage a free and continuous flow of information, you are permitted (which may be revoked at any time) to download the material in the Web site for private, non-commercial use only, without alterations, so long as the copyright notices, appearing on the material downloaded, “© Copyright 2001-2003 WorldNow. All Rights Reserved” and/or “© Copyright 2001-2003 [this Station]. All Rights Reserved” is included. By downloading material from the Web site, you agree that you do not acquire any ownership rights.


Well i missed that and i ask because its not like i am going to download it and say post it on CNN or something. I am using it for myself and for myself only nothing else. If i was downloading it for other reasons then i would ask permission and go through all that other stuff. But seeing as they have that posted i don’t have to ask anyway for the private use. It would also be a different situation if it was something that cost money to get, then i wouldn’t be asking, then i would be paying. But yes, Thank You. So if i may go back to the original question…

Anyone know how?

Do any of these links stil lwork for anyone?

The first one somehow is only about 6 seconds long and no sound or video, the second has sound, but no video for the first 20 seconds at least. :confused:

See if this works for you…
there is the link right there in that page.

It didn’t work for me, but I think it is becuase i have the wrong version of WMP on my computer.

I am not sure if you can download it becuase it is streaming. If you have the hardware, you could set up a TV as a second monitor and use a vcr to record the video. Any other ideas?

The video you are trying to view is unavailable.

The End.

Has anyone managed to download and save the video files? I didn’t get to see the aired coverage, and I did see the online video but it was skippy on my connection. But I was not able to download it for some reason.
I put in a request to the station to get the files, so hopefully will get a response.

Please note. The second DOES work there is a period at the beginning when its jsut sound but then the full newscast starts playing.

The first link i can’t get to work anymore.