IRI Text Message and Twitter Notifications

SMS and Twitter IRI Notifications

Kyle Love will be providing IRI event updates semi-live throughout the Indiana Robotics Invitational. For those of you busy in the pits, or unable to get out to Indianapolis, use The Blue Alliance’s notification system to stay up to date on match results!

This is the same system that was employed at The Championship Event. If you want to receive text messages for IRI, you must sign up again!

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Strange, I signed up for the championship text messages but not for IRI. However, I still got two text messages with Team 190 IRI match results from TBA this morning at 2:48am and 2:50am.

It looks like that was before you posted the message here, and before the events starts. Were those just test messages?

I can’t promise a set time frame for matches to be updated but I hope to update it every 15-20 minutes (2-3 matches).

IRI set up 3 hrs 49 mins away.

Yes they were test messages. My apologies - I hadn’t cleared the Championship data from the database before testing for IRI. You will need to resubscribe to get IRI match results.

A test was done at 11:45-ish PM tonight just to make sure we could use an iPhone to update more periodically throughout the day. Sorry for any inconvenience.