IRI - Thanks and Recap

We will post final results, awards and other details later.

However, THANKS to all of the teams and volunteers (and 9 FTA’s) for making another great IRI. Awesome matches, organized, epic finals, and unbelievable support for the mentor matches and silent auction! What a difference we can all make!

Congrats to all of the winners.

We welcome comments and feedback, either here on CD or messages to

Thanks to all -

Chris & the IRI planning committee

Great event! Really enjoyed the mentor matches – tons of fun.

I had an absolute blast at the mentor matches. I really hope iri continues it in the future and other off season events adapt it.

The event itself was smoothly run, and the field reset was extremely fast, and helped keep matches run on time.

As always, the corn was absolutely fantastic!!

IRI is, hands down, my favorite event of the year. Keep up the good work and I’d like to extend a huge thank you to everyone who makes it happen. I hope we can make it back next year.

Excellent volunteer shirt quality. Best ever, at any FRC event, official or unofficial.

Also, +1 on the corn. I was lucky enough to score the last ear of the day on Friday.

The stream was awesome-- full field view always :]

Great competition, the level of play was astounding, 1024 and 234 put on a great event and were very nice people, announcing was on point, and of course, the corn was fantastic.

+1 to this.

My first IRI, where do I start.

First and foremost, my teams (1257 & 1228) weren’t competing, not even close. While I was proud of my students this season, seeing the incredible work of the teams at IRI was awe-inspiring.

Secondly, I was absolutely amazed at the mentor match tournament. 118 & 2056’s bidding war for #1 seed was hilarious as they read off team numbers boosting bids, a single $624 bid from 2056 setting the #1 seed… and then picking 118.

Having my friend-mentors on the NY Invasion Alliance (20, 340, 694, 2791 and 5254 all were the “NY Invasion”) of 5254, 2791 and 20 make it to finals (5254’s 8th finalist appearance without a win) was incredibly fun, especially with the salty bits thrown in (“2056 finally wins a tiebreaker”, and 5254 taping the “5” out of their number to become 254 for the match, and having a event visitor in a poofs shirt be their “drive coach” was amazing.)

The playoff tournament seeing 2 of my home teams (2590 & 225) make finals was amazing to watch, a sight to behold among friends in person. Congrats to the winning alliance, it was amazing to see one of my Canadian idols (2056), the tallest bot this side the country (195) and regular visitors to my home turf who do amazingly (2168). Seeing all of the teams and individuals I look up to and hold in esteem was an incredible experience, even without the state of California showing up.

Thanks to the NY Invasion alliance for having me around, it was truly amazing. I’ve learned some incredible things about FRC I had no idea was missing, united with some friends I’ve missed sorely, and missed more after that.

Thanks to all of the volunteers, staffers, and individuals who made IRI possible, especially with the massive amount of good it does.

See y’all next year (I hope.)

Thank you & congratulations to 2056, 195, and 2168 for the win. We were ready to sub in for whoever needed it, but luckily these 3 teams were robust enough to just keep on going. It was great to work with such strategically smart teams in a strategy-rich game.

Excluding the advancement shenanigans from 2015 (where #8 miraculously put up two absurdly high scores), this is the first time we’ve seen a quarterfinal upset at IRI since 2013. Glad to see that the matches with bad FMS data were replayed, and overall a really fun event. The mentor matches were fantastic and the highlight of the event for me.

Thanks to Andy Baker and Chris Fultz for helping me out with the NY invasion photo. And thanks to all the other volunteers that make this event happen every year. We sincerely appreciate it.

An amazing event as always. My only complaint is the lack of the FTC portion of the event this year. Otherwise, great as always. Thanks for the volunteer swag, it was very high quality.
As for my own hijinks, a special thanks to 865, 1640, 118, 1741, 3357, and all other teams involved in my great cake adventure. It truly was an amazingly fun time. My only regret, not getting to taste it!

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This was my first IRI. I have to say, the volunteers were incredible with the fast field resets. It was my first time singing solo at an event, and the volunteers who directed me really helped me focus on the singing. The corn was hyped up by my teammates and even then, exceeded my expectations. Whoever posted the three mini blue banners on our robot before day 2, thanks! Those were hilarious:D .

I think the reason for that was because the theater (which is where they normally hold the competition) was under construction. Correct me if I am wrong but I think that is the reason for the lack of FTC.