IRI Thanks

Wow… another great IRI. A huge thanks needs to go to all of the host teams for running the event flawlessly. Thanks to the champions and finalists for some of the best matches I’ve seen all year. Finally, Team 27 would like to thank 47 and 33 for being amazing partners and awesome people.

Thanks to all of the teams who made the 2004 IRI such a great event. The finals was one of the best I have seen in a long time - right down to the wire!

AB thanked most everyone during the closing, but I want to add my special thanks to a bunch of people who made it a great event.

Libby and Andy - my co-coordinators. Each of us has strengths and contacts to make the IRI come together. This was a fun planning team.

Paul and Dan and Josh and DJ - what a great announcing team!

Comau Pico for the machine shop

Scott, Nancy Hoff and the Cyber Blue Parent Crew - the parent crew took care of Friday night dinner (did you know they cooked about 1100 sandwiches!!) and the hospitality rooms for the volunteers and judges, plus helped with field reset, T-shirt sales, check in, and lots of other jobs.

Team 393 parents - helped with check-in, shirt sales, field reset and lots of other jobs.

Team 217 and 447 and others - for taking care of breakfast on Saturday morning and delivering the carpet.

Wildstang for the awesome Human Player game

Everyone who performed in the talent show

Jessica B for the fantastic National Anthem both mornings

Amanda M for UFH, organizing the talent show and lots of other small stuff.

Tom, Ken, Brandon, David and several others for the scoring and field work.

Jason and Matt from 234 for the video work, and Perry Meridian for loaning us the equipment

Ryan the DJ

LNHS and team 1024 for the school, sound system, power, and concession stand.

All of the FIRST people who came to see the IRI and talk with us about how we do it, and how it works!

Collin and Jason for the work with the judges, trophies and putting together the awards slide show.

Jon, the photographer.

IPD and Channel 8 for flying in to let us climb around their helicopters.

Delphi and Rolls-Royce for sponsoring Scholarships for our 2004 Seniors.

Team 45 for the electrical work for the pits

All of the students who volunteered to be tour guides

The judges who gave up a bunch of time to be there Friday and Saturday

A fantastic referee crew

Students and adults from team 234, 393 and 45 who set up the field, took it down, reset it after matches and did just about anything that was asked of them.

All of the volunteers who came in from all around the USA to help. Field reset, scoring, team queing, tour guides, pit administration, and on and on

And, all of the teams and businesses who donated backpacks. We will get a final count and get them to the school. You guys are awesome - there are about 60 backpacks for 2nd graders!

I probably forgot someone - apologies now if I did - but just to cover it -

Thanks to everyone else, too!

Chris Fultz
IRI Lead Coordinator, 2004.

Wow, I could just quote Chris and be done with it :slight_smile:

But seriously, thanks to everyone who made this IRI the best IRI yet. A big thanks to all the people who filled in on my job, especially Saturday - Clark Gilbert did a lot of the music you guys heard on Saturday, so a big thanks to him for filling in for me and letting me drive / hang out / scout for my team.

Congrats teams 71, 980, and 269. You guys were unstoppable.

Thanks to 45 and 447 for being some great alliance partners.

Another thanks to 45, 393, and 1024. Obviously none of this would’ve happened w/out you guys.

All the volunteers who flew in and gave up their weekend to be on the IRI Crew, or Judge, or Ref, or whatever - Thank you.

Again, thanks to everyone who made this possible. :]

edit: I’d also like to thank whoever changed my winamp 5 skin color, because I like this one even more.

Opportunities abound at the IRI!!

Opportunities to meet new people and make new friends.

Opportunities to see robots you may have missed in the regular season - some of the best out there for sure!

Opportunities to show others what FIRST is all about and how fun robotics can be!

Thanks to IRI for giving us these opportunities - and for trusting me to ref my first competition. I will not soon forget it!


Most of my thank yous have already been said, so I don’t need to type them again, but I just want to repeat the thank you to Comau Pico for the machine shop. We broke a main drive shaft in our first match. If it wasn’t for the machine shope, we would be done for the weekend before it really even started. Instead, we were able to go in, weld it, and we only missed one match. I really can’t thank Comau Pico enough.

Also, thanks to our partners, team 980, and our opponents, 47 and 111 for what has to be the best FIRST match that I’ve ever been a part of (our last match of qualifying).

And thanks to team 47 for picking us, and 27 for being great alliance partners and great pit neighbors all weekend. It’s too bad the Oakland County alliance was ousted before we really even got started. Also, thanks to team 45 and 234 for that third match of the first round. That was so close…one ball! Great match!

Thanks to everyone who made this event what it is…the best event of the year. The talent show was a lot of fun, the dinner and breakfast were very good, and, as usual, the competition was fierce.

This has been my absolutely best season ever in FIRST. This year, I have made so many new friends and I have had so much fun this year than I ever have had in the past in FIRST.

This is going to be a combo of IRI thanks and general FIRST thanks.

IRI coordinators: Libby, Scott, Chris, Andy. IRI has become the best competition in FIRST. The family type of atmosphere makes it that much mroe special.

Teams: IRI wouldn’t be what it was if it wasn’t for the teams that attend this event. The competition at this even is so much better than any other event in FIRST.

**Team 234: ** This has been one of the best year’s for the team and you guys defentally got some well deserved luck. I am proud to say I will always be a part of team 234.

Tom Schindler:** I am so glad you were able to attend IRI. I dont know if we would have been able to pull through this event if it wasn’t for you. We were able to update the TacOps and you got the system back up and running after the small fire we had during the talant show.

**Ben Lauer and Jason Kixmiller: ** Congratulations on winning the IRI scholarships. You will both have excellent futures.

Jess B, JVN, Tom Schindler, Karthik, Jeremey Roberts, and many many many more people but I cant think straigit right now: This year is my first time to meet most of you. You all are awesome people and have been great friends. You are the future ‘stars’ of FIRST. You will be the ones to shape the next generation of FIRST.

Ken Leung: You’re an awesome guy and a super friend. You are a very intelligent guy and always wear your heart on your sleeve. I would like to wish you luck on your future and whatever you wish to do in life.

Dave Lavery, Jason Morella, Michael Robbins: We are so glad you guys were able to make it to IRI. We appreciate your kind words about the event and it is always a pleasure to work with you guys. I hope and look forward to working with you all again in the future.

Brandon Martus: Thank you for all you have done this past year teaching me a lot about web design and all that. It has helped me a lot. It has been fun to work with you on several projects and I look forward to working with you in the future.

Amanda Morrison: With all the stuff you have to put up with, you are a strong willed and special girl. If your short time in FIRST you have done so much for your team and for FIRST. You deserve mad props for making the IRI talant show a HUGE success. Your work with UFH has been so impressive and means a lot to many many people. You are a great friend and an awesome girl-friend (hahaha, just a joke :wink: )

I have caught THE FIRST bug. Not the one you get in High School, the one that only a few special people get thanks to Andy Baker, Paul Copi-Oil, Dave Lavery, Jason Morella, Scott Ritchie, Dan Green, Joe Johnson, and many many more people.

I know I have missed many people but with 10 hours of sleep since Thursday, I am a little bit exhausted.

Thank you so much to all. :]

My list of thanks.

Chris Fultz - For helping me with everything I needed, giving me leeway where it was appreciated, and being the guiding light of the weekend.

Libby Ritchie - For being open, honest, appreciative, and most of all, a pillar of strength for everyone. IRI is always a blast with you around.

Andy Baker - The star of the Kamens. Thanks for the effort you’ve put in.

JVN, Jess Boucher, Ken Leung, Jeremy Roberts, Jtosh Hambright, Ben ‘Bean’ Lauer, and Chris Noble - Thanks for giving me somebody to hang out with all weekend. Always a pleasure with you folks. I had a great time and an excellent birthday, and all of you made it possible.

**Ricky Quininininininnininininnnininones from Oconomo-what?! ** - You are amazing and wonderful, and an inspiring FIRSTer. Thanks for your dedication, your knack at making things seem better with a hug, and moreover for letting me say that the GMD of FIRST is one of my friends.

Jason Morrella - Thank you for wearing a tie.

David Kelly - If I had a right-hand man, you’d be it. You have helped me with every endeavor, every venture, every committee and project I have ever needed help with, and still stand on the sidelines to support whatever I do. You’re amazing, kid.

Brandon Martus - You are an amazing Slash, but an even better friend.

The group from Thursday night’s Formal Dinner - Thanks to everyone who came for going along with Jess and my crazy ideas and planning. I hope everyone had a great time and had a little fun being silly and playing dress-up. Everyone looked rather spiffy… maybe it was all the ironing Jess and I had to do? :wink:

Dan Green - Your job is hard. Much respect for the play-by-play announcers… it’s more difficult than you think. I’m glad I got the chance, I hope I did okay!

Tom Schindler - You took over the field operations without flaw. You even saved the day (and the Talent Show with the Kamens’ act) when the scoring table set fire. You made me a promise - that the field would be ready to go at 9 pm - and you were done hours before that. Thank you for everything.

Big Mike - Thanks for being my goon bodyguard and taking care of some fools! And P.S. ladies - Big Mike knows how to DANCE!

Travis Hoffman, Goose, Maverick, and Team 48 - One of the sweetest birthday presents I received. It’s good to know I’m still alive, too (I was worried! I still had a whole other day of competition left!). Karthik was there in spirit. I was crying, I was laughing so hard. Thank you so much.

Joe and Amy Johnson - Thanks for being good sports and putting on a great show. I’ll be your Vanna White again any day.

To all the acts in the Talent Show - Thank you to the ridiculously hysterical judges: Jason Morella, JVN, Paul Copioli, Ken Patton, and Dave Lavery. Thank you to David Kelly, Tom Schindler, Meli Wheeler, and Cory McBride for helping get the field and music ready. Thank you to **Linnea from 716 ** for doing an EXCELLENT job covering when we had a field malfunction. Thank you to **the 1458 kids ** for swallowing other people’s spit. A huge thanks to Andy, Ernie, Chris, Dave, and Brandon - you guys put 100% into this, and I hope you got 150% out. Everyone remember this: we signed the Kamens first!

Dave Lavery - The birthday present. It even SMELLS authentic! :wink:

Josh Hambright and DJ Fluck - For the birthday song on Friday. Now I have to come up with ways to get even! :stuck_out_tongue:

All those who submitted for the IRI UFH Award - Thank you for contributing to something great.

Someone asked me on Friday ‘why I was spending my birthday with a bunch of geeks’ (jokingly, of course). I wouldn’t have had it any other way. Surrounded by friends and respected mentors, your presence has made this the best birthday present ever.

Andy Baker, **Libby Ritchie, Chris Fultz: **Another great year. It’s hard to believe that was an off-season competition put on by a few FIRST teams. FIRST is lucky to have people like you who coordinate events like the IRI. Mentors matches? Talent show? Backpacks for 2nd graders? You’ve just raised the bar.
Andy, Chris, Ernie, Dave: **On top of being amazing people, you are amazing musicians. I’m lucky to have been able to play with you guys, the whole experience was a blast. Thank you.

 **Ricky Q and Team 269:  **Thanks for letting me be your human player in the mentor match.  It was fun, exciting, and slightly terrifying .. I loved it. 

 **David Kelly:  **Thanks for everything. Your advice on & help testing websites, your encouragement and advice about FIRST 'stuff', and most importantly your friendship.

 **Tom Schindler:  **Awesome job with the field.  I was impressed.  I don't think there could've been a problem that you couldn't get fixed.
 Ken Leung:  **It's always a pleasure to see you, Ken. I'm still laughing about seeing you wearing Andy's Ozzy wig, dancing around at the scoring table.
 Jess Boucher:  **It's been 4 years(?) that we've known each other, and this was the first time we've met face-to-face? You're a great friend, I'm glad you're back in this FIRST thing. [strongmad]HOORAY FOR BOX.[/strongmad] (hooray for cookies, too)

  **Amanda Morrison:  **The talent show was smokin'! The first annual IRI UFH award was a success. Keep up the great work. And, as always, thanks for being an awesome **friend**.
 **Jeremy Roberts: **I'm glad that you made it up to the IRI. You're doing great things for FIRST down in Georgia, and it's always a pleasure hearing about it from you.
 Big Mike:  **I had never seen the White Boy Dance before, just read about it. It was very entertaining. Almost as entertaining as watching Paul Copi-oil and Andy Baker run from your bear hugs.

 I'm sure I'm forgetting a bunch of people.  I'm sorry ..

I would like to say thank you, on behalf of my team, 716, to everyone who helped us at IRI. We had some major arm problems that required hours of rebuilding, and everyone really came through! I’d like to say thank you to teams 45 and 47 for being there with extra parts, and a special thanks to Team 571, Paragon who stayed with us until 12:30 Friday night rebuilding our arm. We cannot thank you enough, and I know I left alot of people out because there were so many who came to help us! I just wanted to say thank you again, and let you all know that we would not have been able to do as well as we did without any of your help and support. So, thank you again from team 716 to every one of you for your help! We truly appreciated it!

Wow…This years IRI was the best yet.

Thanks to all of those mentioned above and many many more that helped make this competition the competition it is today. After witnessing all five IRI’s and being there to help with the past four, it sure was nice to just sit back and enjoy the show this year as a spectator.

It really seems like only yesterday when we were moving the 2000 field into the Kokomo High School gym to start the very first 2000 IRI.

Thanks again to those past and present that have helped make this one of the best competitions in FIRST robotics.

Thanks to everyone for this whole weekend - those that planned it, set it up, worked it, and everything. I would list people but at the risk of leaving someone out, I’m not.

This was my first time coming out to IRI, I’m sure it isn’t going to be my last.

I want to thank Andy, Amanda, Brandon, Ken L., David Kelly, Jessica, John V Neun, Tom, Ben L., Jeff W., Chris Noble, Chris Hibner and all the others that made my first IRI event great! I had lots of fun and will be back next year.

I also want to specially thanks Andy Baker for allowing me the opportunity to ref. It was a great experience and I look forward to doing it more often. :wink:

Thanks everyone for the great time at IRI.

Quote everything before plus some. Me and my dad had a great time and were thinking idea after idea on the 8 hours home.

Indiana teams really know how to play and have fun. The team was thinking of going to Denver’s regional next year but I hope to convince them to go to Purdue. Not the college, just the regional. We need to keep all our talent in-state.

Anyways, 1108 will be at IRI next year and will have shirts to trade. Can’t wait to see y’all again.

I echo everything that has been said above, as well as the following:

Andy Baker: Thanks for being an awesome head ref and putting me on the spot by telling everyone to talk to me about the hanging controversy! :ahh:

The Refs: You guys were awesome all weekend…can you go to every regional?

John Whelan and Katie Reynolds: I couldn’t have kept the blue side teams queue-ed without you guys.

All Announcers: Even when your voices left you, your enthusiasm and spirit kept the field rocking. Dan and Paul, I can’t wait to see you guys in action at Purdue in March.

All Talent Show Participants: WOW! What a night! From recycled toothpaste to upside down Dew…Top Gun to moving your arms in opposite rotations (finally more people that can do it!!!)…Sweet Home Chicago to Dean Simmons and the Kamens! And who could forget the judges and their valuable input?? I know I never will!

Finally, to all of the organizers and other volunteers that helped make the IRI possible, thank you for an awesome weekend full of some of the finest FIRST memories I will ever have. I was honored to be a part of the crew this year and am looking forward to doing the same for years to come.


I will also echo all said above and add my own:

Andy Baker, Chris Fultz, Libby Ritchie, and teams 45, 393, and 234: Awesome! The event that you put on is just incredible and I’m glad I convinced my team to go in 2002 and that we have come back ever since. Thank you for all the work you do to make it come together.

**Teams 71 and 980: **Thanks for picking us and having the confidence to complete the winning alliance with us. Those finals matches were intense and cap our team’s best year. Thanks again!

**Teams 45, 234, and 447: **It was tough to lose to our Midwest Champion Partners’ alliance, but I would have rather faced no one else. Thanks for being great competeters and great friends.

Brandon Martus, Jess Boucher, and Mike Soukup: Thank you for being our team’s all-star Mentor drive team. You guys performed just as well as I did, getting our robot to do everything we asked of you. Thank you!

Amanda Morrison: Dang girl, do you ever stop working?!? I’m am glad I finally got to sit down and actually talk to you and spend a great weekend with you in Indiana. The effort and dedication you put into everything that you did this past weekend continues to amaze me. Thank YOU!

**Andy Baker and the refs: **Thanks for being one of the greatest ref crews ever. Calls were fair and explained and no detail was left unclear. Great job!

**Meli, DK, Tom Schindler, Big Mike, KT, Chell, Tyler, DJ, Clark, Kyle, Ken, Cory, and everyone else I met or saw again this weekend: **Thank you for being awesome people and great friends. It was a great weekend to spend with all of you.

Anyone else I forgot, THANK YOU!

This last year of my 3 involved as a high school student has been my team’s most successful and my personal favorite. Thanks to all who made it a great year, and don’t worry, the greatest Mexican driver in FIRST will always be around it.

Well, after a lot of sleeping today, I’m ready to write this long list of thank yous to everyone that made this such a wonderful event!

First of all, thanks to all of the teams that made the 2004 IRI such a great event. The competition level was high and made for a very exciting two days.

BAX Global
THANK YOU! You have been good to us and we appreciate you all so much. We would be in trouble without you guys!!!

Chris Fultz
Thank you for all the work you did! I know you were running around like a crazy man, but it all came together! Great job!

Andy Baker and Refs
What can I say! Although we all know you are such a positive influence to the FIRST community…I must say I have a whole new respect for you. As I watched you and your band perform at the talent show, all I could think was “WOW!” You guys were GOOD!! In addition, you and the ref crew did an awesome job out there on the field. We all help make the IRI happen, but you bring a very special thing to this event…you are loved and admired by many!

Paul Copioli
Thank you for doing another great job of keeping things rolling and making it exciting. Please tell your wife and family thank you for sharing you with us just days after the arrival of a new baby!!

Dan Green:
Thanks for bringing your excitement and experience to the IRI! You and Paul have been so good on the mics! We appreciate it so much!

Josh H. and DJ F.
Hey! The new guys did an awesome job!! I see a future for you guys. Thanks for jumping in and bringing new faces to the announcing side of the IRI. You guys did a wonderful job! Josh…it was fun to see you again. Thanks for making me laugh so much!

Comau Pico & those that worked in the machine shop
Thank you so much for providing the machine shop and the assistance to all the teams that needed help! We appreciate you doing this so much.

Nancy Hoff and the Cyber Blue Parent Crew
What a nice group of people! Thank you for all the time, effort, and worry into the dinner. It was great!!

Team 393 parents
Thank you for your help both with the event as well as with the team!

Team 217 and 447 and others
Thanks for taking care of breakfast on Saturday morning and delivering the carpet.

Marci Cochran
You make me laugh! You are a good friend and I appreciate your friendship.

Dave Scheck and Wildstang
What a great HP game!! Thank you for running this competition. It was fun!!

The Women of Team 71/Marci Cochran
It was fun to be in the talent show with you guys. We weren’t THAT bad…were we? :slight_smile: You guys are so sweet and I love you to death!! You are a fun group of people! Thanks for the shirt, too!!

Thanks to everyone who performed in the talent show

Jessica B for the fantastic National Anthem both mornings. You have a wonderful voice. Thank you as well for the information on your business classes! We will have to email you and let you know how we do with what we implement at the high school level.

Amanda Morrison
You were awesome and full of energy. Thank you for organizing the UFH, the talent show and just being there with a smile.

Tom, Ken, Brandon, David
You did a great job, as always, with the scoring and field work. Thank you!!

Ken Leung
I just love you!! :slight_smile: You bring out the best in people and don’t ever apologize for that. You give so much of yourself to others and to the FIRST community and it doesn’t go unnoticed!!

Jason and Matt from 234 for the video work, and Perry Meridian for loaning us the equipment

Ryan D.
Great job with the music!!

LNHS and team 1024, Carletta and Mr. Norman
Thank you for the providing an air conditioned school and for providing the concession stand.

Team 818
Thanks for coming down to Indiana!!!

Randy Lam
Thank you for coming! You and your team were so kind. We appreciated all of your help and your kindness.

All of the FIRST people who came to see the IRI!

Collin and Jason for the work with the judges, trophies and putting together the awards slide show.

IPD and Channel 8
It was a lot of fun to have you fly in to let us see the helicopters.

Delphi and Rolls-Royce
THank you for sponsoring Scholarships for our 2004 Seniors.

Team 45 for the electrical work for the pits

All of the students who volunteered to be tour guides

The judges who gave up a bunch of time to be there Friday and Saturday

A fantastic referee crew

Students and adults from team 234, 393 and 45 who set up the field, took it down, reset it after matches and did just about anything that was asked of them.

All of the volunteers who came in from all around the USA to help. Field reset, scoring, team queing, tour guides, pit administration, and on and on

Thanks to those who donated backpacks.

WOW! What a list. There are so many people that make this thing work. Chris, Andy and I hear many compliments about how well we run the event, but really, it’s everyone that we simply coordinate that make the IRI a fun, exciting event. It’s not just three people…it is MANY people that make it what it is! So, thank you to all!!

I have to thank everyone at the IRI for once again making it the best competition in FIRST. It’s non-stop fun.

I want to thank Andy for letting me ref. Sorry I had to skate early. I’ll never do it again, I swear. So please let me ref again.

A big thanks to everyone for making the IRI such a good time for me: Ken Leung, Jeremey Roberts, Amanda Morrison, JVN, the Copioli brothers, Aaron Lussier, Jess Boucher, David Kelly, Jeff Waeglin, Andy Baker, Dave Scheck, and all of the others that hung out. I got to meet some new people (if only briefly), and I enjoyed that a lot.

Of course I need to thank Andy, Ernie, Brandon, and Dave for making the band a reality. I had a lot of fun, and I hope you guys did as well. A BIG thanks goes to Chris Fultz for getting us the PA and to Al Skierkiewicz for running the sound board. These guys did a great job - we didn’t use the PA even once before the talent show, yet they got it sounding good in no time.

Lastly, I want to apologize to everyone for leaving without saying goodbye. Some friends of mine from Arizona were coming to Detroit Metro airport and I promised them they could stay at my place, so I had to be home on Saturday. I feel bad that the weather didn’t pan out as forcasted - as it turned out, I could’ve stayed. What a bummer.

Here is my Thanks rambling…

My team (1018) - I had a great time this year, and even though the ending was not quite what we had hoped, all of you have made an impact on me.

Chris Noble and Stuart Bloom - Thanks for writing me excellent recommendations. I enjoyed haging out with you guys, and thanks for dragging me along to nationals also.

Chris Fultz, Libbie Richie, Andy Baker and Scott Richie - Thank you for coordinating the best off season tournament even, I had such a great time I was asking on Saturday afternoon if it was still Thursday.

Talent Show Judges/Participants - I had a great time watching, laughing, and admiring our amazing acts.

Amanda, David, Big Mike, Brandon, Tom, Ricky (GMD, baby), Melissa, John, Jessica, Ken, Jeremy, Cory, all my new FIRST pal/idols - (i’ll let you try and firgure out which one you are!!) I had the greatest time hanging out with you guys on Thursday/Friday/Saturday. I will try to volunteer as much as I can next year so that I can see all you wonderful people again.

Students - I love you guys/gals, Keep up the hard work, and make something great of yourself!

Team 1008 wishes to thank you all for a great event.
A special thank you to Sam from team 45 for your help reloading our program.

Team 447 (and I) would like to thank everyone who helped make IRI such a great time!

A special thanks to Teams 234 and 45 for the alliance partnership and a great ride into the finals.

Another thanks to everyone involved in planning, hosting, working, volunteering, competing, observing, etc. Yes, this even includes the Talent Show Judges!

Thanks to Rick and Team 217 for making 5am Saturday morning fun, even if someone did set the grill on fire! Sausage and eggs will never be the same now that I know you can make them on a grill!

Amanda, thanks for organizing the Talent Show. I had no idea there was so much talent in this FIRST family! I agree it should be included in all FIRST Events!

IRI is always a blast because…there’s more than corn in Indiana! :rolleyes:

…and Libby…you rock!

Thanks also to Chris, Andy, and Scott, etc, etc, etc, :wink: