IRI - Tour Guides for POWER Campers Needed

On Friday morning of IRI, about 30 young women from the POWER camp will be at the event to see and learn. POWER (Preparing Outstanding Women for Engineering Roles) is hosted at IUPUI and Rolls-Royce is one of the corporate sponsors of the program.

We would like to have 8 - 10 students who can be “guides” for a little while on Friday morning to explain the game, walk through the pits, and answer questions.

If you are interested, please respond here or see me on Friday morning.

The group will meet together about 11 AM on Friday morning - the room will be announced.

I can hear all the High School Boys now …




I have two girls coming with me that have both been ambassadors before, also I’m free if you need me.



We will have about (9) well-spoken young ladies with us, if you need a few guides. They would value the experience.


Al Ostrow

I have 2 young ladies that would be great if you still need any.

Chris - 33 has a few ladies you can “borrow”. :wink:


Thank you all for volunteering!

I think this will cover what we need. Listen for details on Friday morning on the meeting room and also watch for a large group of campers and leaders to be moving all to one place :slight_smile: