IRI Travel arrangements (airport to IRI & IRI to airport)

I was just wondering when people would be flying into Indianapolis Airport, and who would be willing to share rides from the airport to the competition, and also from the competition to the airport and when (what day).

I’ll be flying in alone if I come (as it stands now), and I’m not sure what day yet, but wanted to get an idea of who else would be flying in and out, and when.

It looks to be a half hour ride/drive from the Airport to IRI competition site.

I definitely don’t want to take a cab that far… $$$$$$$$!!! :ahh:

il be Taking my truck there, i could let you ride in the back. just hope it dosen’t rain

There is usually multiple people who need rides from the airport. If these people can post their needs here, then we can coordinate trips.

Elgin, I am sure that someone can give you a ride. Also, riding around in the back of Tytus’ truck may be ok in the swamps of south Florida, but not doing 65 mph on the I-465 loop.

Andy B.

I know I will need a ride from Indianapolis Metropolitan (about 1.5 miles from the competition site - NOT the main airport). In fact, I might need a ride on multiple occasions, depending on if I have to work on Friday and Saturday.

Well il be arround town and i have gps. i can fit 2 people + there stuff in my truck at a time. if anyone wants to arrange somthing just send me a pm and il see what i can do.

That’s what I was going for in the purpose of this thread. Thanks for making that clear in less words it took me to do. :yikes:

Cause, I just tend to ramble sometimes.

Anyways, I’m sure I’ll be able to find a ride with someone so I have to see when flights will be able to come in from my area and post that info back here.

Thanks all!

I’d like to offer ride services if somebody ends up needing them. I’ll probably be able to drive around before IRI, and then depending on whether or not I end up staying at my house or getting a room near Indy, I can probably provide transport.

  • Genia

I might be coming to IRI (i’ll be spending the summer in the US). In that case, i will probably come by flight and would really appreciate any rides I can get from the airport. It looks like I will be coming in early Friday or late Thursday.


So we’re not swinging through Philly now to get you? No worries if so, it’ll only make my job easier.

Your road trip sounds really fun, but going by car means I have to miss Thursday classes as well as the Friday classes I am already missing. Thanks for your offer anyway.


Edit: after looking at the plans again, I would also be missing Wednesday and Monday classes, which would conclude in a quarter of my summer program. Although Cedar Point is a dream, I will have to pass this time and settle for Six Flags Great Adventure :smiley: .

I just made my flight arrangements today. I fly into Indianapolis International Airport at 1:14 Thursday afternoon and I fly out at 11:20 Sunday morning. A ride to and from the hotel* would be greatly appreciated! I have already been in touch with a few friends who are attending, but this is a great way to find a ride.

*I’m 98% sure of my sleeping arrangements and will let my ride know as soon as I do. :slight_smile:

I’d be happy to drive you. Let me know if you don’t already have someone.

I’m still trying to work on a ride. I have 3 people who want to go, but main driver wants another driver to split drive up.

hey elgin since im getting you to and from the ariport and all mabye you can help me and fin find a place to stay?

I work very close to the Indianapolis Airport and would be glad to offer a ride to the high school or nearby hotel(s) for anyone arriving mid-late Thursday afternoon.

Seeing as I have less than 15 days until I fly into Indianapolis I thought I should work a little harder on finding a ride. so here are the details: I fly into Indianapolis International Airport at 1:14 Thursday afternoon and I fly out at 11:20 Sunday morning. a ride to and from the airport would be greatly appreciated. :slight_smile:

Thanks in advance,

Jay - My work schedule is crazy for Thursday right now, but I’ll let you know if anything changes, because at this point unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to get there in time for your flight. :frowning:

Anyone taking a Greyhound?
Maybe I can make my ticket time correspond…?
If so, that’d be cool, so I won’t have to force Genia to leave the competition to drive me there…

speaking of witch im already pickiing up anna from the train station so anyone that goes with her can come witn me.

Right now I am considering taking a Greyhound, because my most recent travel plans just fell through.
If anyone is available to pick me up there and take me to whichever hotel I end up at, that would be great.

edit: the hotel will most likely be Best Western Castleton (if Genia and I share a room)