IRI VEX Skills Challenge

IRI - Indiana Robotics Invitational is hosting a VEX Skills Challenge to benefit the IRI Scholarship fund. All entry fees will go to this great cause.

Bring your VEX Robots!

EVENT: VEX Skills Challenge
Using the “Round up” game elements (Rings) the object will be to get the highest score within a 60 second time limit by placing rings on located goals within a 8ft x 8ft playing area. Each entry will get 3 attempts with the BEST score counting. Any VEX robot may be used from any team as the competition is the skill of the driver or drivers. Sharing and lending of VEX robots is strongly encouraged. Multiple entries from the same team or ANY person are allowed, however only the BEST score is ranked.

An entry may be from a team or individual person(s). The cost is $10.00 per entry. An entry will get three 60 second attempts at scoring. An entry is allowed 1 do over based upon robot malfunction (breakage) where the 60 seconds was not complete. A complete 60 seconds of play will not get a do over.

Open Practice time will be available. All entries must supply their own robots, batteries and controls – VEX Net or crystals. They may be shared units (ie; 4 members of a team may all want to enter and compete against each other as well as for ranking).

The highest ranked score at the end of competition will get a VEX Trophy.

No pre-registration needed just show up with your robot.

The demonstration will be by the food area. Please come by and test your driving skills.