IRI Webcast

There WILL be an IRI webcast this year.

We are working on the details and will be able to post the link in advance of the event.

Thank you, I will be looking forward to watching the competition from home.


Please, if possible, one camera showing the entire field at one time would be great. Close-ups should be keeped to a minimum. Thank you for your efforts.

I second that, but I assume almost everyone involved in IRI is familiar with robotics, so it should be good.

I’d like to third that motion - for the sake of the webcast and tba footage coming from the webcast, a single view of the 54x27 playing field (with drivers’ stations?) and as little else as possible would be awesome!

Speaking of tba footage… does anyone plan on recording it to put up?

Fourthed. I plan on showing the webcast to my kids at Summer Camp next Friday so if they could see all of the action the majority of the time that would be great.

Found this link on the IRI website:

This should be for the 2010 event, not sure if anyone from the event has confirmed it yet.

I believe NASA was also looking into streaming it.

Yes, this is the link for the 2010 event.

We are not going to use the NASA feed this year. NASA offered but we already had this in place and tested, so we stayed with ustream.