IRI - What Do We Keep Doing?

We want to continue to improve the IRI to be sure teams want to keep coming back. We need your help, with what things you really like (so we keep them) and what things could be improved (so we can change them).

So, this thread is “What Do We Keep Doing”.

Thanks for your input.

Things to keep doing:

  1. The Thursday evening Set up

  2. The talent show & DSKB

  3. Changing the rules to make the game better

Keep attracting the best volunteer group in the world!

I would have to say keep:
1.) The Talent Show, of course
2.) Undercover Judge(s)
3.) Growing trend of Scholarships


  1. the choose your own back-up
  2. The insane number of high caliber teams, a.k.a. keep the application process
  3. the location as long as possible

Talent Show
CD Webhug
Thursday Setup
Silent Auction
4 Team Alliances

Bring back the mentor matches!!!
Still not thrilled about the draft order. With the amount of good teams at IRI, why change it?

I’d also say keep up the innovative rule changes–the autonomous bonus made the competition infinitely more interesting.

Keep doing:

  1. Awesome volunteer support - I can’t thank 234 & co. families enough for the snacks and meals that they provided, especially when I only had a couple minutes to run in, grab food or water, and run straight back out

  2. Rule changes - they make things fun, and they make the game flow

  3. Selection process - amaaazing teams’

  4. Undercover judging - maybe even expand it?

I’ll agree with everything posted above, and add this:

Keep the Friday night dinner in the schedule. Especially for teams with late qualifying matches, it is really nice not to have to send someone for take-out or skip the talent show to go to a restaurant.