iRobot Scooba - floor-washing robot

I think I need one of these. I noticed that they are co-branding with Chlorox now.

It’s pretty neat that Colin Angle gives credit to the engineers, too. Thanks to /.]( for the link.

It looks pretty cool but we have a dog that attacks vacuum cleaners so I don’t know what she would do with something like this.

Al, you may be on to something here. Make a kevlar/polycarbonate cover for the vacuum and advertise it as a dog exercise machine!

A marvelous plan, may I introduce an even more random plot for this robots use?

We must give it the ability to walk on walls, such that it may clean windows and doors and such things. Don’t leave doors out guys, they need cleaning too! Or they start feeling like they need more attention. That just makes me sad, thinking of a poor left out unsociable door.


Anyway, that looks like a great idea :smiley:

Like this?

Someone else posted that link in another thread, but I dont remember who, or in what thread

The Scooba Roomba looks pretty cool. When the Roomba itself came out, I already knew people had robotic vacuums, but this thing is sweet; I havent seen a robot do this before.

YAH! Exactly like that!

You have given me peace. I can now happily take my final exams. That’s some great technology right there.

You guys really need to see the window washers at Sear’s Tower in action. They are about 12’ h and 8 or 9’ wide. They wet wash and dry the window in one continuous pass and block out the windows as they pass. Since there is no warning, the room going dark scares you.

What we really need is a combination Roomba/Scooba, one that can clean all of your floors in one go.

I haven’t had the chance to look at one of these closely yet, but they’re definitely the kind of toys I’d love to get when I’m living on my own. Even if it’s not as efficient as doing it yourself, the coolness factor more than makes up for that. :slight_smile:

I read that Clorox developed a solution that allows the tires to keep traction where regular solutions would be slippery and cause the roomba to spin its tires. Because of that they recomend only using the special clorox solution

i soooo agree…i’m not a fan of cleaning but i’ll do it if i have to…make one to scrub the toilets and showers and we’ll be great to go too…

But surely the doors are just Happy to have done a job well… :wink: