Is 4 inches omnis druble?

we try to do custom chassis but we aren’t sure to andymark 4 inches omni wheels.How strong are 4 inch omni wheels? how much weight can it carry?

The AndyMark website cites a 120lb load capacity for that product

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Strong in what sense? Load rating is one aspect, but either these or the Vex version will handle the weight of an FRC robot. Impact/wear resistance and expected lifetime is something else to consider. As with many other wheel types, omnis experience significant wear and tear during a season - in particular, rollers can and do take damage from hitting things like the cable protector or if the robot falls on them. So be sure to budget for and carry spares with you, and keep an eye on their state… as you would with any kind of wheel!

It probably goes without saying, but you should also avoid running a robot with omnis on any sort of non-carpeted surface - they have basically no grip on smooth floors, and concrete or pavement will quickly damage them.


We had Omnis on the front of our (tank drive) robot in 2019. Twice, we started on the low platform (about 4in if I remember) and drove off in auto. Pretty sure, both times we broke one grey rotor off of a wheel. I believe these were the AndyMark.

Rev has some 4" coming out “soon”. They looked good when I saw them at worlds

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