Is 4 rank points even possible week 1?

The title.

LA north starts tomorrow. Yes.


How many times do you think the shield energized RP will happen in week 1?

  • Never
  • 1-2 times
  • 3-6 times
  • 7-20 times
  • 21-50 times
  • 51-100 times
  • Greater than 100 times

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The pressure RP in 2017 was the hardest bonus RP ever, with a 0.1% success rate in week 1 (3 out of 3100). Will we have a new hardest bonus RP?

I was debating between 1-2 and never. I think it’s possible for the shield to be energized in elims (stage 3 activated) but no RP there. I also think that an alliance that does score the energy RP will be short on time and may not be able to climb. By week 3 or 4 there should be more occurrences, and maybe a few 4RP matches.

You had a match with >50 power cells scored. (You = OP)

Lol that’s because 254 and 1986 (and 971 and 125 and others) weren’t at week one events.

Week three (sfr) had almost a 2% success rate in the kPa RP in quals, and a 4.5% in elims.

I’d wait till most teams have had a chance at playing before you judge the difficulty of an aspect

All “shield generator energized” instances vs the RP in quals is a toss up.
My 7-20 vote is for the energized, in quals or elims. And I’m going to say that at least 4 or those are at LA north.

I saw a match where all they had to do was spin the wheel to the correct color. The robot was lining up to spin the wheel as time expired another 5 seconds and it would have happened.

There’s no guarantee that had those teams played week 1 that they would have been as successful as they were after they had more time to develop their robot.

Some alliances can, and some will, in later weeks. It’s such a lottery ticket mechanism though, that many teams put resources into that could have been spent elsewhere, when their only shot at it being relevant is to have an incredibly lucky pairing.

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If my TBA-fu is right, out of 754 matches (so far), 11 matches* have control panel points earned, or 1.46%. All of those were 10-pointers from stage 2. As far as I can tell, no matches have had an alliance activate stage 3 (score 20 POWER CELLS after spinning the wheel 3-5 times.

I would be surprised if we saw an energization in week 1, but I hope that’s wrong. LA north :crossed_fingers:

*Matches with color wheel points in their TBA breakdown as of 10:00pm Eastern 2020-02-28:

I hope we (359) dont blow it in match 33 tomorrow.
973 - 359 - 1678.


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