Is a hotdog a sandwich or just a hotdog?!


Is a hotdog a sandwich? uwu


There was a long thread about this a few months ago:


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It is a sandwich


It is in fact a taco.


I mean, a very American taco, but I feel it fits that category better than that of a sandwich. Classic tacos just have harder bread-like material and more crushed up meat, and the condiments usually involve beans, lettuce, and tomatoes instead of ketchup, mustard, and onions.


perhaps its an oreo?


Could be sounds reasonable.


The definition of sandwich from Merriam-Webster Dictionary is " two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between".

If you have a piece of turkey, it is just turkey; but if you put it between some bread it is now a turkey sandwich. But if you have a hotdog, it is a hotdog; and if you put it in a bun it is still a hotdog. Therefore, because hotdogs can exist without being between bread, it is not a sandwich.


I love how your definition seems to contradict your reasoning lol


Looking back at it, it is misleading but not contradictory. The definition is filling between 2 pieces of bread, and a hotdog exists without the bread, making it not a sandwich. I am just going to stop rambling right now before this gets even weirder…


See the way I read your definition would mean that a hotdog is a sandwich, since the traditional way of eating a sandwich involves bread with a filling between it (the meat)


well, oreos are often referred to as “sandwich cookies”


I’ve decided that a sandwich requires layer(s) of filling that is parallel with the bread.
Which tends to rule out hotdogs and tacos.


I agree with @Tesla_XK. Because the hot dog is not defined by the bread and can even exist without bread, a hot dog is not truly a type of filling in a sandwich. This would mean that a hot dog in a hot dog bun would not be a sandwich and likely not even a taco. :sunglasses:



Just had this debate with 7532 Gophertronics on this one… results where inconclusive.

I don’t know how many of you guys eat a sandwich with the meat facing up, but I sure don’t, its not a sandwich.


This should help.


Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm it depends