Is a translating climber worth it?

Basically do you think the ability to adjust position on the bar without setting down will be necessary to be competitive this year?


We did the math for this, and it turns out, no. There’s going to be about 1.3-1.5 feet of error on either side to be level (<8 degrees) w/two robots, depending on the difference of the robots’ weight, so as long as your climber doesn’t slide or swing much and you have a good visual (camera?) you will be fine.


Personally, I like Johnathans take on it:

Doesnt mean we wont see teams with it and them do well with it, but id be focusing on just the climbing aspect first, then consider movement on the bar.

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Another reason to have it is when your alliance partner fails to climb, you can traverse the bar to balance it and gain 15 points.

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Good point but I don’t see that as a reason to make it equivalent in priority to a normal climb.

Can you share this math?

Yeah, please don’t edit it, but here’s the math

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Necessary? No. Extremely important? Still no.

This bar is pretty stable, you have some tolerance when lining up. I’ll call it now, more robots will be hurt by building a position adjuster for climbing then it will help.

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