Is a watchdog necessary?

We are arguing about whether or not we need a watchdog for our autonomous code.

If we do need one can we stick it out of the way in a separate class watching itself?

Although it is good programming practice, you do not need to use the watchdog.

You can easily turn it off by setting the SetSafetyEnabled in your RobotDrive object to false.

This applies to both auton and teleop.

#include "WPILib.h"

class BuiltinDefaultCode : public IterativeRobot
	//Declare drive motors
	Talon* m_lDrive; 
	Talon* m_rDrive;
        RobotDrive* m_robotDrive;


	BuiltinDefaultCode()	{
		//Initialze drive controllers
		m_lDrive = new Talon (1);
		m_rDrive = new Talon (2);

		//Initialize robot drive
		m_robotDrive = new RobotDrive (m_lDrive, m_rDrive);