Is adjustable velocity filtering in NEO/Spark MAX now available?

The following was posted by @dyanoshak in November 2022.

We are working on a firmware update to the SPARK MAX that will enable configuration of the filtering parameters so that the filtering delay can be reduced. You will be able to adjust the sampling delta (8ms to 64ms) as well as the number of taps (1,2,4, or 8).

This feature is in development so I can’t share any additional details at this time and it may change before release.

Did this feature finally get released? If so, what are the names of the parameters in the Rev Hardware Client to adjust these settings?

With low inertia flywheels on shooters this season, P gain in the Spark MAX has to be set so low to avoid oscillation that it is doing almost nothing, even with a good feedforward value. I’m not sure if adjusting the velocity filtering could improve the situation with NEO/Spark MAX, but I’d like to give it a shot if the adjustment is now possible.