Is Alliance/Position automatically set by the FMS?

Last year, I believe it was, but I am slightly concerned because you can set your own alliance and position on your DS. It’s fine either way, I just need to know which it is.


The alliance and position will be set by FMS. Alliance is obvious, but position is the position of the controls, not the robot.

Do you know that for sure? Without FMS, the drop down box on the classmate does get passed to the robot, is it different when the FMS is running things?

When attached to the FMS, the drop down box is hidden and the values from the FMS are used instead.

Greg McKaskle

Aha! That’s very helpful. So for our robot’s actual starting position on the field, I know we can use a toggle switch on our robot, but would it work to have a toggle switch on the driver’s station(likely joystick buttons)? We would need it to update before autonomous and I’m not sure if the robot can read values from the joysticks before teleop.

The robot can read from the joystick buttons and DS I/O every time except autonomous enabled.

If it goes like last year (I think it will) the robot will be able to read values before autonomous while disabled.

We’ve been told that it won’t go exactly like last year. The difference is that during autonomous enabled the joystick values will not be forced to “neutral”. The robot will see them locked in the state they were in immediately before autonomous enabled began. This simplifies things greatly if you want to use a Driver Station control for selecting automode subprograms.