Is an on-board projector legal?

Hi all,

Would mounting this puppy on the robot be illegal?

I’m trying to determine whether the battery on the projector is protected by the R31 exception or not - any ideas?

If not, I think we’d try to figure a way to power it via robot battery - I just can’t find any spec on voltage, although it is charged via a USB port.

Other than that, anything “illegal”?

I’ll keep the reasoning as a secret for now :wink:

Unless it messes with vision of another robot, I don’t see why not.

Bonus points to the first team to project their logo (or a bull’s eye) onto the carpet (or the goal)!

Would marking on the carpet where your partner needs to be to catch the ball be a good guess?

Actually it was along the lines of what magnets said - just aesthetic :slight_smile:

We want to project our logo, sponsor logos, etc, onto the carpet.

I suspect that at 25 lumens, it wouldn’t be visible when the stage lights are on.

They would probably rule against the projector, due to the fact that if it gets in the line of site of the camera, it would interfere with the camera

I don’t see how a projector projecting light would be any different than LED’s in the way of a camera. It’s just a light source.

And we have an answer

If you power it with the robot battery, they didn’t answer. (Translation: They’ll leave it up to the inspectors, but there isn’t necessarily a rule preventing it.)

My first guess is that, as others have already guessed, you’re going to try to project the location where the ball will land?

It’s a good idea. I would be wary of the fact that you might also alert any defense of where to go though.

As for legality, just make sure it doesn’t interfere with other’s cameras.

(You might also want a brighter projector if you plan on doing anything on the field.)

Nonetheless, cool stuff.

I think that puppy is more for taking your video games to competition with :D, to play during the long journey! :smiley:

I think it would be allowed. However, just for safety, strip the projector of it’s battery. You can easily hardwire to the PDB, through a converter!