Is anyone else having trouble with the Q&A system?

We cannot figure out how to ask a question. We’re logged into our team account, and we know that you have to initially search a question and if it hasn’t been asked, an option comes up to ask the question. When we search a question, a few related questions come up, but for some reason no “submit question” button shows up, even though no one’s asked our question.

I’ve also tried searching for questions that have no related questions come up, and there still isn’t an option to submit a new question.

Anyone else have this issue, or know how to fix it?

That’s odd. I just tried it with our team account, and the submit button comes up.

You are logging in as “FRC1678” with the password from TIMS, correct? And the submit button should be to the right of the “Search| Reset” buttons, approximately centered on the screen.

We figured it out!

We were using student accounts that our main team account had “authorized,” and we were assuming that these accounts, now linked with our FRC1678 account, would be able to submit questions. I guess that’s not true, so we will just submit from the account using the TIMS password. Thanks!

Thanks, I had an additional issue at my end, but this helped.

OK, anyone have an idea what it is an “Authorized User” is authorized to do? You shouldn’t need team verification to set a preference on searches.

We didn’t see the “submit” button when we used the password with TIMS, then we changed the password so we could remember it, and the button is still not there. Is anyone else having a problem?

Type the question, then click on Search. Only then will the submit button appear.