Is anyone else programming in LOLCODE

Im stuck on the encoders, can anyone assist me?

Lets see, I picturing a programmer with potentiometers stuck all over him.

You need to be more specific, or our imaginations will run wild ;>

That…is amazing.
Apparently I’m not the only person who wanted to do this…
This is a copy of the lolcode header files that me and a couple of friends have been developing…latest update, let me know if there are any bugs.
It comes with a sample program (basic console…)and an open-source header.
I’ve been working on it for a while…

got anything else in LOLCODE?

Nope, that’s the only stable build.
Feel free to edit it, show me anything you found that’s troublesome.

What are you using to compile the lolcode?
Can I see a sample of how you’re doing it?

gimme a little time to zip the compiler and stuff

You’re using lolexec?
How are you actually DOING anything with that?

Or are you using the .NET compiler somehow?

That’s amazing. I’ll have to try this for some of my other development projects, but I think that debugging speed in the pits takes precedence over epic win. Nicely done.

Plus the fact that much of it is macros makes it a little difficult to debug…

I’m trying to write tutorials…and as I do so I realize that there are errors…so I’m fixing the entire thing, specifically the istream overloads for the lol_t class and the bukkit_t class.

Have you found any errors?

to be perfectly honest you guys, this was a joke post, im sorry you took it seriously, no hard feelings right?