Is anyone surprised by the scoring in week #1?

Scores are fairly low. Rarely seeing a stack of any kind with the majority of the points coming from the golden totes.

yes, so far it looks like if you get the coopertition 40 each match you are going to seed very high. Not counting Dallas…

Not surprised. Coop points will rule the rankings. At district champs and worlds, coop during qualifying will be expected.

I’m surprised to see no one starting with the yellow totes behind the glass. If you don’t make a 3 stack in auto and load from HP, why not make it faster/easier to get that coop bonus.

I’m certain that no matter what happens, some will be surprised, others will (at least say) that it’s exactly what they expected.

I don’t see any scores posted on TBA yet, but I just watched a match at Dallas, and it ended up 148 to 36, with 40 of those points for each alliance being a coopertition stack (there were fouls). Most of the points were scored by one robot. That one top-tier robot racked up all those points isn’t surprising. That all of the other five did so very little is surprising; I would have expected at least two or three of those robots to be scoring a dozen points or more each.

Addendum: That was followed by a zero-zero match (no scoring, a penalty on each side voided) Wow. It’s only the first round; hopefully those eleven teams can make some adjustments!

I am surprised at the lack of robot sets. That and how much people are scoring with noodles seems silly.

Unless you have a ramp or other mechanism that lines up closely with the tote chute and catches the tote on the way down, it’s as fast or faster to load from the floor. That said, I agree that unless both alliances are going to attempt tote stacks or tote sets, it doesn’t make sense to put all six on the field. Another word for an un-scorable game piece is obstruction.

To misquote Sir Paul:

It isn’t silly, scoring’s not silly, scoring’s not silly at all!

There are other ways to make this work…a tote is a pretty darn good ramp! …and from there stacking is easy.


I should say the point value on noodles seems a bit high. That is the silly part.

Too late to change the rules on that now. Time to go practice throwing :stuck_out_tongue:

I can’t say I’m surprised at the average scores of week 1 (at least from the matches I’ve seen so far). Coop points are definitely going to be a huge ranking booster, just like in 2012.

However, I am surprised at how little the human loading station is being used to get totes. I thought for sure that the human station would be a much more efficient way of obtaining totes. I’m also hoping that teams improve their auto scores in coming matches.

It might be disappointing for some people to see scores in the sub 10 or 20 range, but as always I’m sure they will pick up as the days and weeks go on.

Not at all. Like I said the average will be about 100 for high scoring alliances.

That will rise as weeks go on.

I am surprised at the number of teams not putting up any points… Very few teams seem to be attempting a three-tote auto stack - and fewer are succeeding… Even some really strong teams are struggling… Watching Dallas, I saw 148 fail to score any auto points, but did proceed to make two very nice stacks topped with recycling containers.

148 is having issues with Alfred which moves the Recycle containers out of the way in auto. They haven’t been putting that component on the field. Rumor is it is fixed now and will be used after lunch.

Is anyone mad at teams strategy? With the exception of a few good teams we have seen, the rest is bad…

I get that people have specialized robots but I am watching robots move a can towards the step when there are not any totes there, at least push one on! The lack of drive practice is showing severely and the alright robots are terrible, bad robots are better to maybe just not show up.

I wouldn’t go as far to say that, as it definitely is not GP.
Anyways I will agree that driver practice is lacking and it’s quite obvious. However, I think it will be better by week 4, team strategists are probably watching these streams right now to figure out what NOT to do, and scores will probably go up.

Strategy and Driver skill are two different things. Driver skill generally caps the effectiveness of your strategy. In all honesty I just think teams need to slow down a bit, speed isn’t the biggest thing to worry about this year in my mind.

I’ve seen a few box on wheels which have really messed up things for the other robots on the alliance.

Has it been fixed yet?