Is anyone using a part design that looks like one of them from the kickoff video

is anyone think that FIRST released a couple good robot designs in the kickoff video? I think that some of the parts of the robots are very good designs

There were a few ideas, but it would be impossible to use the whole robot. After a closer study, it is apparent that none of them would actually work (although parts from them might). However, I do think that this year’s animation had much more feasible robots that in previous years. Remember the single wheeled robot last year?

yeah i think that they were alot better this year
we were thinking about using the design from the robot with the 6 wheels that pulled the balls into a basket

I rather liked the one-wheeled robot from last year. Without realistic robots to follow, teams have to come up with their own ideas, which makes everything more interesting. Even looking at the ideas given this year, you could have 200 teams take that same basic idea (6 wheels and a basket), and you’re going to have 200 different ways of implementing it. That’s the best part about them not showing detailed robots at kickoff.