Is CD Ready For the Load?

I seem to remember last year, the night (or was it the afternoon?) of Kickoff, CD kind of, um, died, from all us crazy kids trying to figure out what Dave was smoking when he created the game :p.

Anyways, I know that we moved up to a better class of server, but how much can this one take, because we’ve grown a lot this year (I can’t remember the number of registered teams, but it’s pretty high, I know that much).

Secondly, if CD goes down, what will we all do? It was hard enough when it went down to switch to vB3, I dunno if we’ll be able to take anymore down time… :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh well, I guess the question is, who thinks (or hopes!) that CD will be able to take the load (if there will even be one) of post-Kickoff insanity?

Yes, I think CD is ready for this year. I guess Brandon has his "secret weapon"to deal with this :smiley:

ie server upgrades

Anyway, I’m much more worried about FIRST’s website then I am Chiefdelphi’s.

I’m pretty confident that the new server (2.3 GHz Celeron, Intel 400 FSB/128 Cache, 512MB RAM) will handle it. It may be slow at heavy-heavy-peak times, but I think we’ll be ok. :knock on wood:

If anything, we may need more memory… but that’s easy enough to get.

I think that just because Ian asked this question, CD is going to break…

Even Brandon stated ‘knock on wood’

Or maybe I am just being too negative.

Well, now that you’ve said that, it’s almost definitely going to crash… :slight_smile:

I’ve got faith in the Chief :slight_smile:

Come on, websites die. Right there with taxes, it’s a fact of life. But I know that Brandon’s got it under control, because Brandon is The Man.

And if it does happen, it’ll give you some time to brainstorm or something. :stuck_out_tongue:

last year there were under 2000 members registered on CD… i remember waiting for it to break 2k, and theres 4,798 members 5 days before the season begins… i’m willing to bet we hit 5k by the end of january… and if we had 200 guys on at the same time last year, proportions say we’ll break the 500 barrier this year :P-

unbelievable, no?

I’ll agree with you there…

It’s much easier to serve web pages to a lot of people at the same time vs. serving a lot of file downloads… (CD: Dynamic Web Pages (yes… the dynamic does cause a hit, but i think vb3 is better able to handle them) FIRST: The Rule Book pdf file downloads).

Heh… I guess we’ll all have to see…

And… if CD does go down… it’ll just give us all that much more of a chance to catch up on sleep that we know we’ll be missing over the next few weeks :wink:

Or, more likely, we can lose even more sleep, worrying about when CD will be coming back up, refreshing constantly until it does. :stuck_out_tongue:

Why wonder when you can take active steps to prevent it crashing?
In personal options you can now change settings to where the signature, avatar, and pictures are not shown (and I assume this would lower server load…correct me if I’m wrong).
Possibly everyone (or just alot of heavy users) could turn these off for all of next week to help prevent a crash?

Easier for what? They both tax totally different things. Dynamic web pages take a hit on the cpu (and the ram). Serving 1 or two large files (as FIRST is going to be doing) taxes the upstream bandwidth, which is something they haven’t had enough of for the past few years. If they were serving 20 big files, then the disk subsystem would come into play, but since it is only a few, they are probably kept entirely in RAM.

BTW, Brandon, I don’t know what the load and mem usage is like, but I would bet that dual processors would be a better upgrade then more memory, albeit more expensive.

Yeah, I plan on turning alot of the “this could cause high load” settings down for the first week or two of the season.

Celeron you got a celeron the server. what ever happened to Pentium 4 2.4ghz 533mhz system bus 1024 ram and 3 d graphics. oh wait thats my computer lol :slight_smile:

anyways yeah i guess rolls eyes a computer with a celeron in it can handle extreme loads. if you ever wanna switch to a p4 chip lemme know i can get one if the server requires it.

MESSAGE TO ALL :::::****** ALL TEAMS I WISH YOU MUCH LUCK AND SUCCESS IN THE UPCOMING AND NEW 2004 FIRST ROBOTICS COMPETITION. Many of you had used a lot of talent in winning last years regionals and I can only hope that you have that special talent for this years game and for the years to come.

I’m sure Brandon can set the amount of active users online at once option to 45 if it gets out of hand and he starts seeing the magic smoke coming from the hard drive. ooopps said that 2 loud. Sorry Brandon :wink: Best take the pic gallery off goes that and threads will be the first to get attention from all us crazy FIRSTers.

Once again I bid you all good luck and success. And thank you once again brandon for getting all this new stuff up and running before kickoff comes. You Are The Man Brandon


I think that it is. Between all the switching and stuff - and brandon always has an ace up his sleeve - I don’t even see a problem…

Too bad we don’t have ventures at the moment, or we could bet on it.

I’ll bet … 1 relay module that Chiefdelphi stays up.

Any takers?

We work hard ( especially Brandon) at planning for all the possibilities. While we cannot guarantee we will stay up, we are taking steps to give it the best shot.

Our goal still is to support the “Community of FIRST” the best we can.

Soon I will be posting the complete unabridged history of our website. You will find it interesting reading ( well the tekies will).

In the past few months we have made major improvements is the site regarding space, speed, bandwidth and a very improved VB3 customized system.

Time will tell.