is combining motor controllers wise?

We are trying to move to CAN motor controllers as cost effectively as possible and are wondering what yall think of using a combination of Talon SRXs and Victor SPXs (or maybe Spark Maxs). Thinking of using the SRXs additional encoder abilities and then the others following them. If our research is correct, it is possible, but we are wondering if it is wise.
Is it painful to program and “tune” this setup? Is it worth it for a team with dodgy mentors?

We ran Talon SRXs with Victor followers on our drivetrain this past season with no issues.

We mixed Talon SRXs and Victor SPXs on our drive train and elevator last year and they worked fine together (they’re designed to). Preliminary reports are that the new Spark Max’s are also designed to “slave” to other controllers.

I’ve never heard of any issues mixing any kind of legal controllers on an FRC robot, you just have to know how to use them.

All of the current generation of motor controllers are similar enough that for most applications you won’t see a noticeable difference. The major concern is update frequency, and each MFG has their own, so there might be slight differences in the linearity response for the same motor (ie. 70% duty cycle on one controller might mean 71%, while on another it might be 70% exactly). Small variance in speed of multiple motors in the same gearbox is generally not a big deal. The other thing is that all the controllers have different efficiencies, It hard to say how much change between controllers becomes noticeable (1%, 3%, etc).

Where some of this falls apart is with some of the advanced control modes where you are trying to do a really tight loop control of speed/current/etc.

Also slaved SPXs to SRXs last year - no issues at all.

From what I’m reading (page 58) it doesn’t look hard at all, although I haven’t done it personally so there may be some nuance I don’t know about.

We had no issue slaving Victor SPXs to Talon SRXs last year, was essentially plug and play.