Is compressor supposed to fart?

We were testing our compressor and we didnt have anything attached to it and it made a loud farting noise. Also, it vibrator a lot. Just wondering, is this supposed to happen? The Pneumatic Manual says the compressor needs vibration isolation mounts, but we have those attached, but then again, we haven’t mounted it to anything.

Seems pretty normal. Once you mount the compressor using the vibration isolation mounts, it should vibrate less.

The noise you hear is just the compressor working, think of a car with no exhaust versus one with exhaust. When you plumb your system a lot ofthe noise will be contained.

It will vibrate around like crazy without being bolted down, try holding it in place and it will quiet down a bit, just don’t touch the air output or hold the case for too long as it will get very hot.

yup, that is normal.

but you will need to mount the compressor to something if the compressor is being used on the bot (not offboard).

Keep in mind that what you mount it to makes a big difference in the effectiveness of the vibration isolation mounts.

From the Pneumatics Manual:

Because the compressor can produce a significant amount of vibration, we recommend that you use vibration isolation mounts that come preinstalled on the compressor. In order for these to isolate the vibration, they need to be mounted to a stiff piece of material, such as a 1/4” aluminum plate.