Is creating a pneumatic shooter realistic considering the pressure limit?

We were wondering if it would be possible to use the limited pressure allowed along with mechanical advantage to create a shooter. Has anyone tried? Or are our limited pneumatics just not powerful enough to shoot the ball effectively?


Yeah it’s certainly possible, some teams have done it.

For example, 1212 posted a prototype pneumatic catapult here:

Its very possible.
There are many teams posting their prototypes and it doesnt hurt to try some ideas that you folks may have.
If it doesnt work, tweak a variable here and there, and make it work.:slight_smile:

We can get the ball into the high goal with one 7" stroke, 2" bore cylinder. It just requires finding that sweet spot of your pivot point, as well as the length and shape of your throwing arms. Having an air tank or two on the low pressure side might also help.

It depends on what you mean by “shooter”.

As a layup? Absolutely.
From four-eight feet? Quite probably.
From the truss? Probably not. But maybe, given the sheer ingenuity of FIRSTers.

By using 2 pneumatic pistons on our prototype (similar style to 1212) we have gotten the ball through the high goal at 20+ feet.

…like I said!

See this thread for video of 2530s pneumatic puncher shooter. In this initial test, we made the high goal from 5 feet. We have improved upon that…

It’s certainly possible: many teams have posted videos of how they accomplished it. However, our team tried it and we tore the prototype in half from misjudging the variables. In conclusion, it’s possible, but tricky.

Good luck! Just be careful! :slight_smile:

“Non-catapult” type pneumatic launcher:

Three .75" dia by 12" stroke cylinders each with its own solenoid, but activated together.

We’ve consistently “scored” from a range of 9 to 15 feet from the goal with the same tilt angle and pressure. We’re trying for a wide “sweet zone”.

The key is to have the ball resting on the “plunger”, rather than attempt to “punch”.