Is EL Wire allowed?

Our team would like to write the name of our robot in EL Wire this year but we’re not sure if we’re allowed to. EL Wire operates at a high voltage and the kit that we’ve found has an inverter that takes a 12V digital input and most likely outputs (it’s not specified) over 100V. Does FIRST have any regulations on max voltage running through the robot?

I can’t speak to the rules exactly, but we used lots of EL wire on our robot last year, and passed two inspections at two different regionals without any complaints from inspectors.

Inspectors look at this type of lighting as non-functional decorations. You must follow all appropriate rules in their use, including correct insulation and fusing for the device. You also might want to check R08 and of course they should be protected from breaking or contacting other robots in the course of match play.

Thank you!