Is FIRST rude?

I have found some of the posts on FRC forums from FIRST to be rude such as mine. I know some people ask stupid questions but that doesn’t mean they have to give rude replies. I would like to know the answer to this question incase our team needs to calculate the score during a match…

I asked this question and look at FIRST’S reply:

Broken Boxes

Lets say about 10 of the boxes broke during a match. These boxes probably broke in autonomous mode since all most everyone will be heading for the ramp.

How will these boxes be scored? Will you count the lids as a point? Will you just not score them?

Re: Broken Boxes

Let’s say you read Rule GM 26. The containers have been subjected to quite a bit of abuse at FIRST. We have not experienced a large amount of lid separation. The containers and lids will be checked between matches. If necessary, containers will be removed for maintenance of replacement. At the start of a match, all containers should have securely fastened lids. If a special situation arises where a lid separates, the referees will have to decide the particular circumstances and make a decision on how to award or disallow points.

This disappoints me

Bad Brad

I’d say that if you really want an answer, try to ask it again, but worded different. (don’t personally know how, but try…)

All I know is that (and i don’t care how much i get paid, not to mention that the FIRST ppl aren’t really getting paid a lot…) I’d hate to have to answer all those questions. I was trying to read some, but totally gave up b/c 1/2 of them are pointless.

Also, If FIRST tried to say every rule for everything… they’d go crazy. They will most likely leave some things just up to the judges there and let them decided using common cense and the knowldge of the situation. IF they find that something re-occures a lot that they left up to the judges, then they might make an ‘offical’ decision. (like the ‘mini-bots’ last year)

Personally, I know many ppl have said that these things will snap in two all the time. I personally will have to say that they do look like they’ll be broken all the time… something tells me that FIRST did a lot of testing to see what kind of forces that these things take. AND… I have a hunch that they’re a little harder to break than we think. :wink:

I think the FRC forum is a bit understaffed and those who staff it are overworked. They may seem rude to some, but I see it as at least they are giving you a reply instead they could just not post it. Just as in here you should use the search function before asking a question.

I do think that FIRST could have replied much differently such as when it comes to repeat questions they could give you a link to the answer and say “see here…”

Overworked and understaffed just a couple of things that make FIRST great.

Don’t take their responses personally. They have a lot of things to do right now, and I think the stress factor contributed to the reply. THey have to make sure that they give everyone accurate information, as well as answer the many qeustions that they get. Plus, I think that theyve tried to spell out the rules as clearly as they can while at hte same time giving judges some leeway. Don’t read too much into their emotion and all that. Its not like we’re analyzing books in english class. I’m sure at the competition, everything will work out fine.

I would be a bit insane right now if I had to answer bunch of questions about the rules. I would be even more insane if I had to answer a bunch of hypothetical questions. Wait a second I am all ready insane from building the robot.:cool:

Just be lucky they replied, I asked about 4 important questions that havent been answered and noone replied

I agree with you. If they don’t like a question don’t approve it. Why approve it only to ridicule the questioner?

I know that the answers somewhat reflect the style of the answerer but many folks do not know the folks at FIRST as well as I or some others close to FIRST might. Without “hearing” the voice of the answerer in the wording of the answer, it is easy to take things worse than they are intended.

Bottom line, it is not always easy to be graceful but I think it is important for FIRST to try harder to be as graceful as they can be.

Joe J.

I think they are getting tired of being asked the same question hundreds of times. If people would do a search, they would find their question already answered. They have already answered this question. If the box is separated from its lid, then the box, not the lid, will be scored. PLEASE search before you use those forums. They are becoming exasperated with the repetitive questions and that, I think, is why there responses are becoming a little less polite. Just 2 cents, take it or leave it.

I don’t know about the rest of you but I have posted 9 questions and have only recieved a slightly rude answer on one of them. Also with as many of the questions I have read and seen answered I can’t blame them. I have seen 2 questions, the exact same, right next to eachother, so either someone didn’t look or they posted at the same time (unlikely). The Q&A forum is invaluable. If you wish to complain about thier responses, then perform a search for the answer (or use common sense for many of them). So I say Thank You to all the overworked individuals trying to work so we can build a better legal robot.

They respond rudely to stupid (not saying yours is Brad) and posted repeadidly. They almost never answer important questions.

*Originally posted by JosephM *
**They almost never answer important questions. **

Importance is in the eye of the poster. Something you may consider important may be trivial or meaningless to someone else.