Is FIRST's website down?

I haven’t been able to connect to the FIRST website today:

Did I miss an announcement regarding maintenance or upgrade of their servers??

yes the website is down rite now

It is working perfectly fine for me!

You must be viewing a cached page, cause it doesn’t work for me either.

Not working for me either… I wonder if they are trying out a new layout or something.

No lucky for me either. :frowning:

You silly people. Stop Googling “first”! You’re causing the FIRST servers to crash!

Why is it whenever you tell someone there is a million billion stars in the universe they believe you, but if you tell someone that the bench over yonder has wet paint, or if comes up as the 1st result in Google people have to try it for themselves?

FIRST is currently working on creating new graphics and page layout for their website, since it hasn’t changed much in the past four or so years. From what I heard, it should be done later this summer, so that’s probably not it.

EDIT: After trying to look up the IP address of, I found this interesting tidbit from this page.

NOTE: One or more CNAMEs were encountered. is really

Not working here either…

It’s official, the sight is on strike and wants time off!

The one day my team needed to check something on there.

maybe it is off since FIRST is closed today… ?

see this email they sent out…

From: FLLteams [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Thursday, May 04, 2006 4:03 PM
Subject: FIRST EMAIL/FIRST Closed Tomorrow, Friday May 5th

Greetings Teams:

We want to remind you that due to renovations in our facility, FIRST will be closed tomorrow, Friday May 5th. We will resume normal operations on Monday May 8th.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Go Teams!

FIRST is closed for cinco de mayo (not a joke). the IT department is changed to a new server this week, so it is likely we are seeing a result of a new server bug and nobody there to fix it.

Thats a direct quote from their site…


I figured it out. Andy Baker decided to Google FIRST and look what happened, it shut down the entire server and while FIRST says it’s just renovations until May 8th it was shut down because of Andy Baker.

yup, site be down

Works for me as of 5:48 EST.

Same here, about 2 minutes later and on Pacific Daylight Time.

They must be done with upgrading it. :slight_smile:

lol andy baker and shutting down the website…

p.s. its back up now, well at least for me

They must have just had a small bug or something it works fine for me 10:54 EST