Is hot glue or silicone allowed?

Some of our red/white/black control cables are VERY loose where they connect to the Victors and Spikes. We are worried that they may fall out while we are driving around. I would assume we are not the only team with this problem. How have other teams securely connected the R/W/B control cables to your Victors and Spikes? I was wondering if a small drop of hot glue or silicone used to glue the black connector part of the wire to the input ports of the Victors and Spikes would work and be OK. All I find about adhesives is:

<R28> Adhesive backed tapes are NOT allowed except as follows:
• Velcro tape or double-sided sticky foam may be used for attaching components to the robot.
• Reflective tape may be used with optical sensors in small amounts.
• Adhesive backed labels may be used for labeling purposes.
• Electrical tape may only be used as an electrical insulator.

and only rules on adhesive tapes. I assume then that hot glue or silicone would be OK?


I always used hot glue to secure PWMs. I’ve seen no ruling against it, it’s legal according the “parts use” flow chart, it’s not tape used for something other than electrical insulation …

Go for it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Katie! I followed the flowchart and came to the same conclusion but just wanted to hear from someone else that has done it before that it is OK.