Is Intel graphic card sufficient for Inventor?

Hey there, I’m recently seeking for nice computers for workshop.
I really wonder is Intel Iris Xe OK for Inventor? Or otherwise which cards should I select? Thanks!

Here is a link to Autodesks video card compatibility list, it should help you choose an adequate card.

Inventor Video Cards

Thanks! :smiley:

It’s worth noting that Inventor will technically run on almost anything, the question is how well.

Intel Iris Xe graphics is Intels “Integrated” graphics solution for low to mid-teir computers. While it may run Inventor, actually using it will be a very laggy experience due to the lack of dedicated video memory, in reality, you could probably open models and simple assemblies to view on such a computer in a pinch, but actually creating models or assemblies on such a computer would not be ideal.

That said, it doesn’t take much to make for an acceptable experience, almost any dedicated video card is enough to run Inventor at an acceptable level. My laptop, which is a few years old now (and only cost like $1000 when I got it new), runs Inventor 2020 on an GTX 1060 GPU just fine, and on my desktop PC I have an RTX 3080 which works great, and prior to that upgrade it had a GTX 1070ti that was also adequate.

If you’re looking for graphics cards, on the nVidia end, I would recommend any GTX/RTX card where the last two numbers are at least a “60” or higher (IE, 3060, 2070, 4080, etc) as these cards will have enough performance (sub-60 cards like the 3050, 1030, etc. should be avoided). Quadros are nice, but they tend to be far more expensive for a given performance level.

I’m less familiar with AMD cards, but as long as you’re getting something that’s MSRP is at least $300, you’re probably in the range of decent hardware. The new Intel ARC dedicated cards are kind of a mixed bag, even if they are supported as they tend to be lower performing and still have driver issues they need to work out, that said, their highest-tier cards are a pretty good bang for the buck, just don’t expect them to be issue-free for the immediate future.

Depends on what you’re wanting to do with it. I use Inventor (2019) a lot at work. I work as a manufacturing and controls engineer working on automotive weld tooling and the like.

All of my work laptops have had dedicated GPUs of some sort. I used to have a Dell Precision 7710… it did OK unless I was trying to view a large file (such as CAD of an entire multi-robot welding cell).

Currently (in a different department) I have a relatively old Dell Latitude Rugged 5414 (i7 6600u, 16GB DDR4, AMD Radeon R7 M360 2GB Hybrid), which is nowhere near as capable. But, for most smaller tasks, it works fine… but anything medium is slightly laggy… and large files are a pain (usually I’ll try to get to what I need ASAP and close out the larger file). But I’m dealing with mostly “simple” components and equally simple constructions (and I very rarely do much in the way of analysis). Again, a lot of it is how complex the designs (and analysis) one is doing with the software.

If you’re getting new (to you) hardware, I’d suggest getting the most powerful setup that’s economical (relative to the number of systems/people CAD’ing at a time, that is). Consider it a form of futureproofing… very rarely do system requirements go down with time!

If you already have the hardware, I’d say try it… and if the performance isn’t up to snuff, then look to upgrading.

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