is it actually possible to get six levels of totes?

Yes, you can make a robot to do that, but i have seen people say that if you build the totes too tall it wont score when you put a container on it, and i am unable to find a rule that exactly explains if there is a limit how tall you could make the stack before it would be too tall to score. Am i just blind, or is there a limit to how tall i could make the stack before putting a container on it useless pointswise?

Yes it is possible to get make one. Totes past the sixth level will not be scored, but as long as the lowest point of the RC is bellow the sixth level, you will get the points for it.

The rule specifying how totes are scored has an illustration suggesting that “level 6” extends to an infinite height upwards. This means that, even though the recycling container can rest on more than 6 stacked totes, all of the totes at the beginning of level six and up will be considered residing in level six, and hence, even if there are more than six totes under it, as the container’s bottom resides in level six, it will score 4pts*6levels= 24 points. There appears to be no factor that would limit the height it would be scored at.

I forgot the exact rule, and I coudn’t find it, but any totes that extend above the backstop will not be scored, so a stack of 6 would only score 5 totes, so the point is rendered moot.

That is incorrect. A stack of 6 would score 6 totes. The marker on the side of the scoring zones is made so that only 6 totes can be scored. Frank said in his blog that any totes above 6 wouldnt be counted. says

A RECYCLING CONTAINER is scored if it is fully supported by only scored Gray TOTES.

Since the 7th gray TOTE in the stack is not scored (because it’s above the BACKSTOP), the CONTAINER is not supported by only scored TOTES. It’s also supported by an unscored one. I could see why that CONTAINER wouldn’t count.

Somebody please ask Q&A. (I don’t have a team, so I can’t.) says

A RECYCLING CONTAINER is scored if it is fully supported by only scored Gray TOTES.

I would venture to guess this rule will be re-worded. It is my understanding that a stack of 7 totes with a can and a noodle will score 42 points, the same as a similar stack of 6 tall.

But it isnt supported by scored totes. That 7th tote isnt scored.

According to the team update, they purposely limited the number of totes in a stack to 6 for safety and field reset reasons (any higher would take too much time to reset, and have a high chance of falling over), however they didnt want to penalize teams who didn’t read/understand the rule which is why any totes beyond 6 are just not scored.

Under, in the TOTES section:

A Gray TOTE is scored if it is fully supported by a SCORING PLATFORM and no portion of the TOTE extends above the top of the

It seems pretty clear that a Gray TOTE that is higher than a BACKSTOP is not scored.