Is it allowed to use prior years supply?

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My team and I have a question, and we were hoping that you could help us.
Is it allowed to use CIM motors that have been provided in prior years Kits, and is it allowed to use Banebot Gearbox that has been provided in the 2007 Kit?

You are allowed to use CIM motors from previous years. The banebots gearbox from the 2007 KOP however is not legal. Those were made specifically for the KOP and are no longer available as a COTS item. These gearboxes had a flaw in the carrier plate and are no longer manufactured. However, banebots does sell an improved model with identical mounting holes and output shaft that is legal here:

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Please cite your rules for this. (both the motor and the Gearbox)

From the Q&A:

Posted by GDC at 01/26/2009 10:59:23 am
The Banebots P56 gearboxes were custom-made products supplied for the 2007 Kit Of Parts.
As such, they are prohibited from use in the 2009 competition by Rule <R32-B>. However,
Banebots P56-HC gearboxes, which are improved versions of the model supplied in the 2007
Kit, are available COTS items and may be used.

Posted by GDC at 01/22/2009 06:25:10 pm
If the CIM motors scavenged from a previous-year ROBOT are of the identical part number,
identical configuration, unaltered, unmodified, and still in “out of the box” condition, then they
may be used as the 1 or 2 additional CIM motors permitted under Rule <R51>.