is it just me

or team 254’s robot, and team 968’s are the same?
the look exactly the same, just painted differently… :confused:

TEAM 254
TEAM 968

hope I don’t sound like an idiot (really :rolleyes:)

team 254 and team 968 collaborate (work together) to make amazing robots year after year…the link above me has a lot of information on this

You will find that these collaborations, although not common, do exist in first. last year, NiagraFIRST had triplets with one of the most killer designs in the game. This year, There are three teams (who all attended VCU) that collaborated as well. 384,540, and 1086 worked together to design the same robot. They are still individuals as teams, they just have similar machines.

another example found this season.

If you ask me, this is not in the spirt of FIRST. There is a huge difference between helping a struggling team with their bot and turning out identical copies. What if every team did this? It’s no fun. Why doesn’t first just give every one the same blue prints in the kit then?

If you ask me, cooperating with other teams is indeed in the spirit of FIRST.

Let’s not turn this thread into a discussion about the merits of collaboration. There are plenty of other threads active right now that do so.

Oh boy. Here we go again.:rolleyes:
The collaberation threads on CD are like the religion threads on RT. 10+ pages of hardline stances and staredowns that lead to the same conclusion: we don’t see eye to eye on the situation and thus we just wasted bandwith to find that out.
What’s the point?

this was not a collaboration its just that the Churchville team had grown they split up. built two completely different robots at the same high school.

It’s not always wasted bandwidth. I find that although people never change their stances admit defeat within a given thread, you’ll find that in future threads their opinions may have softened.

The question’s been answered and there’re already far too many threads about the merit of this work around the forums. A quick search will reveal plenty of places for you to share your opinion.

I couldn’t agree more. In addition I would add that Collaboration will happen no matter what, and if people (who aren’t on the rules committee) insist on trying to make unwritten rules about who people can or can’t work with or demean those teams with above average means who work together (triplets or any other possible combination of teams) it will only reinforce their ties.

If you don’t like what has been happening since 2004 and earlier in some cases then either build a better robot or find someone you like to work with. By the way, this is not me defending 254 just because I was a member of that team for two seasons. There’s nothing wrong to “defend.” If all you’re trying to do is just rant and rave because you think this is unfair, then like Billfred had originally said QFT and suck it up. As has been said so many times it’s impossible to count, life isn’t fair and FIRST isn’t about fair, either. If it was about being fair then all teams would be limited to hand drills and hacksaws, if even those tools, since not all teams have access to machine tools. This idea doesn’t sound very inspirational to me.

Might I add… IBTL (In before the lock)